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SANTA vs. ZOMBIES by Victor Negreiro

SANTA vs. ZOMBIES by Victor Negreiro

What better way to kick off the holiday season than this stellar “Santa vs. Zombies” image by Brazilian illustrator, Victor Negreiro?


  1. There is a santa vs zombies christmas book. I read it to my kids every year.

  2. cover your arms, Santa!

  3. Love it! I want this as a christmas card!

  4. He would really have to work on his home entry method!!! Feet first is probably not the best way to enter a zombie infested house. The thick red suit my have advantages though.

  5. It’s hard to believe he would last very long with that spare tire.

  6. Victor Negreiro you’ve just made my Christmas.

  7. Please tell me there is a zombie versus santa book. . . .

  8. Zombies would freeze in the minus -47 or worse subzero weather of the north pole with the wind storms of 70-100 miles of an hour…you would have nothing but buring frozen dead flesh for the next million years and it would be useless as the ice crystal destroyed it on the cellular level….as if Santa would even use a candy cane…he has state of the art szecurity system with electric miniguns and his wife is a model 23 years old….

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