You may have managed to escape the undead hordes, but now you face a new challenge: You need food! Without food your body will quickly begin to break down muscle and fat stores to maintain its daily functions. And in order for your body to maintain vital life support functions, it must be provided with nutrients such as carbs and proteins. Of course, you might assume this is going to be difficult during the zombie apocalypse. And your assumption is close, but not completely accurate. Lets chew the fat for a bit!

Don’t Let Food Scare You: Since we’ve all grown up eating certain types of food, we already know exactly what we like. We might look at food from another culture that contains unusual ingredients such as grubs or brains, and think its inedible or simply gross. Well, here’s some news: you do what you got to do! Understand that grubs are extremely high in protein and can easily be found under stumps, rocks or other damp areas. And you’ll rarely find a zombified grub. But if you do… well, your day just sucks!

Let Predators Hunt for You: If you’ve gone this long without food, you are probably in dire straits. And the last thing you want to do is work your body even more! So take note of your surroundings and watch for animals, especially the flying ones. If you can track an owl or hawk that has recently found a mouse or other small animal, you might be able to scare it away from its meal. I know this may seem like a long shot, but I’ve actually been able to do this at least twice before and was rewarded with a small squirrel.

Do Not Eat It Raw: Fish is probably the only thing that I would take a chance on raw. However, if you’re able to cook it… then do so. But how do you cook without any utensils or apparatus? Quick answer: Look around! You probably know how to build a fire, so right away you have a method of cooking. You can simply take what you find and roast it on a stick or steam something using a hole in the ground. And at this point you also have to worry about your morale. You’ve worked so hard to not become a zombie. Why should you act like one now? Warm food makes people happy, and happy people don’t want to die!

I understand that there are MANY ways of gathering food in the wild. And I haven’t even touched on the numerous plants, fish, birds and other things out there that are edible. I also haven’t discussed the traps that can be used to catch said animals. However, all this will be covered in an upcoming article! So if you have any questions or something that you would like me to review, please leave a comment below and I will get right on it!

In the meantime, I hope that this article will help you find food when you need it most. Because if you die of starvation in the wilderness, then you have done something completely wrong… or have done nothing at all. There are a vast number of ways to find food; so just look around, stay calm. And as always; what you don’t know can eat you!


  1. I wont have any trouble on the food front. I’ll eat anything if its edible.

    Its all in the word. Edible. If it wont kill me or make me sick I’m going to eat it.

    It helps if you know how to hunt and trap, have an extensive knowledge of local flora and fauna, and know how to cook properly.

    I have a lot of time on my hands…

  2. One of the most relevant posts I have seen on this site, even if it a little light on detail, it provides a good point from which to start.

    • Cameron A. Carlson, LT

      Thank you Wayne! I appreciate the comment! Stand by for more articles to come on this topic!

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