Biggest & Best Zombie Netflix Instant Streaming Movie Listing on the Web. Over 200 Movies to Choose From.  All Have Been Verified!

Chomping at the bit for a great zombie flick? This listing is the best resource on the internet! The Zombie Research Society is directly synced to Netflix – if the movie is LIVE STREAMING right now; simply click the RED play button, and it will begin playing immediately. However, if the PLAY button is greyed out; Netflix is not currently streaming that movie. Happy viewing!

–   A Must See!
–   Truly entertaining movie (above average)
–   Good Movie (average)
–   Definitely not a must see (below average– the title will likely say it all)
–   Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

These are our personal ratings (not Netflix’s).  It’s cool if you agree or disagree with them.  Simply comment below, and begin the discussion! A 3+ rating is worth “digging up” by any means; Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, iTunes, etc.

Don’t like looking for titles on Netflix?  The RED PLAY Buttons in the Listings will automatically launch the movie in NETFLIX — no Searching!  NOTE: The GREY PLAY Buttons indicates the movie is “Not available at this time.”

Zombie Netflix Instant/Streaming Titles have been organized into Alphabetical Groups for easy searching:

A – E

F – N

O – V


NOTE:  All movies listed are available in the USA (unless otherwise specified).


  1. If you enjoy the Zombie genre and want to check out a cool new Zombie series on Amazon look for the “Zournal” Series.

  2. It says above this was updated on April 9, 2017, but the first 4 movies I tried aren’t on Netflix. The list is inaccurate. Very disappointed.

    • Things change rapidly on Netflix these days. I’ll review this evening. Thanks for your input!

      • Also, only the movies with the RED PLAY buttons are active. If the PLAY button is greyed out, it is not active at this time. They come and go all of the time, so we haven’t completely removed them.
        Many people just use our listing to look up Zombie movies (and their rating).

  3. I think I will go with shudder netflix won’t put more zombie movies on the site

  4. So unfortunately the one place I could see some good or maybe not so good zombie movies has greatly downsized their catalog. Netflix has about 8 zombie movies available to watch now. So tragic 🙁

    • They have dropped alot of them. But here is a listing of 10 of the best, that are available (you may have seen all of these, but if not, they’re all work checking out).

      • Thanks!! I loved Pontypool. More suspense than zombie but it worked for me. I am iffy about watching iZombie for some reason.

        • Yeah Pontypool is an awesome move. iZombie — I liked it– it’s fluffy but the characters are interesting, and the premise is interesting. The fact that the main character morphs into the brain that she eats makes each episode different. But don’t go into it expecting standard zombie fair. It’s not that.

  5. These movies ARE NOT available on Netflix!

    • We noticed about 10 of the movies listed have been removed from Netflix — thank you. This will be corrected at our next update. Please note, as mentioned at the top of each listing, only the movies with a RED PLAY button are available right now on Netflix. The GREYED-OUT PLAY button movies ones are not available, at this time. They often come and go, so we haven’t removed them (mostly because many people use the listing as a place to find a great listing of zombie movies that have all been independently rated).

  6. Why are there no movies that start with numbers? Like 28 Days Later?

  7. I tried to watch netflix but since i am outside the usa it would not let me. I ended up finding out I could use a vpn to access the content. The arcvpn service seems ok so far.

  8. Have of these are not on there and they should be some seem worth watching

  9. When will Netflix add more good zombie movies

  10. Day of the dead isn’t on Netflix anymore 😓

    • Hi Michelle, when the PLAY button is RED, it is available on Netflix. When it is Greyed out, it is not. I think I may have to make that clear at the TOP of the Alphabetical Listings, as alot of people aren’t coming to the listing through the ZRS – Netflix Home Page (http://zombieresearchsociety.com/netflix-zombie-movies) anymore– where it explains that. They are coming through Google to the alphabetical listing page– which is probably how you got there — Right? Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  11. “The Horde” is the best zombie flick I’ve seen so far

  12. Great list!! I haven’t had any trouble finding the movies that you have enabled with the red play link! Thanks for taking the time to compile!!

  13. It would be great if the titles listed are actually on Netflix. 🙁 very disappointing list you have.

  14. I am so happy to have found this list. Thank you for doing it! I am off now to watch a movie!

  15. Kudos to the nomination of Wyrmwood!! That was pretty nice. Better than I expected when it started. Of course WWZ with the creepy fast zombies. I hate those kind. Maybe because Im chubby & cant run fast 😩😂

  16. It’s been on there for a bit, but Cockeys vs Zombies is awesome, and Z nation is a great show that’s apparently getting a season 2.

  17. Awesome list. Making my way thru it starting from Z. Zombeavers was actually prettygood lol!!


  19. Unfortunately it appears that quite a few of the movies with the red play button are no longer available. I feel like Netflix is culling the herd.

  20. Hi have you come across The Dead?

    • The Dead is a great zombie flick (if we’re talking about the one set in Africa). It isn’t playing on Netflix streaming (I’m pretty it never has). Highly recommend though.

  21. All cheerleaders die and antisocial should be added. I’d rate all cheerleaders as a 4 and antisocial as 3.5

  22. Thank you so much for making this list!

    I’d also highly recommend Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead, it’s one of my faves on Netflix right now.

  23. missing Children of the Living Dead from this list (not that you’re missing much).

    question for zombie movie buffs- as this is really eating at me (pun intended). There was a low-budget zombie flick I watched that had to have been made before 2009 that had this one scene that I thought was so ludicrous at the time and now want to watch it again.

    Basically, survivors are escaping, and i have a vague recollection that this part of the movie takes place underground or around a nuclear power plant. Anyway, they see a chapel with what looks like people chilling in the pews during a mass. They run in and shout for help. The people in the pews and the priest all turn and look, and shocker, they are zombies. They get up and give chase.

    What freaking movie is this from? It happened in the 2nd half of the film i believe. It’s not 28 Days Later, not any of the Resident Evils, not Zombie Bloodbath… Help!

    • I couldn’t find Children of the Living Dead on Netflix streaming (US). If it possible you’re watching Netflix from outside the US? Also, we don’t list DVD delivery– Instant streaming.

      Will try to come up with the name of the movie you’re talking about with zombies in the church. Maybe one of our readers know.

    • I believe your looking for Zombie Hunter. With Danny Trejo, a blond actor, two female characters, and a young boy. If not Zombie Hunter its something similar.

  24. I can’t find any of the movies worth watching on Netflix, they must have been taken off.

    • Any movie in this listing that has a grayed-out PLAY button is not currently live on Netflix streaming. Only the ones in red. If you do find one that has a red PLAY button, but it doesn’t play, please let us know. The listings are constantly changing.

  25. It makes me happy that both Dead Snows got 4 stars ^_^ I love those two!

  26. Should take the moves that aren’t on other off so that people don’t waste their time scrolling through irrelevant titles

    • I have also been told that people use the listing just to find zombie movies. I will consider keeping two lists (movies come and go and come back again on Netflix constantly)– so I don’t like to completely remove a movie (it actually takes a fair bit of work to create an entry that also launches the movie right in Netflix).

  27. Just watched Lust of the dead. Haha oh man, these zombies.

  28. I’m not running hola etc as I have the codes set up in my wii

  29. Ok I’m confused…I’m Canadian but I have access to Canada and US Netflix…What do I have to do to “stream”? I’m using the original WII…I’m not finding ALOT of these movies…Is there an difference between streaming and just hitting play?

    • Hitting PLAY in our list launches Netflix streaming, so there is no difference. How are you running both Canadian and American Netflix? Are you using a VPN/Unblocker Hola etc? If so, before you click on one of the PLAY buttons in our list, launch American Netflix first. It might be defaulting to your Canadian account.

  30. S. Johnathan Davis

    David – As always, awesome list! I gotta start working my way down into the ones I haven’t seen.

  31. Try again. The server was getting overloaded.

  32. This is a great source and comprehensive list but I am surprised that Dawn of the Dead and Dead Alive are missing.

    • This is a NETFLIX zombie movie listing– so it only lists movies that are or have been on Netflix.

      • I know, so I checked on NETFLIX before I posted and they are both there but they aren’t streaming… anyway, already watched a couple movies from the list that sounded pretty cool.

  33. does anyone have a spreadsheet/checklist of this zombie list?

  34. Working now, fantastic! Thanks for putting together such a list!

  35. Please try again.

  36. I was going to ask is this listing from the American Netflix? I am in Canada and we’ve got about 40% of the content that is available in the United States.. Pretty sure I’ve never seen Colin in the Canadian listings

    • The listing is primarily American, but we have endeavored to cover Canada as well (we note that the title is available in the US and Canada when they are. Otherwise, they are available in the US only). I am, in fact Canadian, so I feel your pain, when it comes to Netflix.

  37. You missed ‘´warm bodies”

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