EAT YOURSELF by Joshua Hoffine

What would a zombie do if it’s locked in a room with nothing to eat? Better yet, what would you do under those same circumstances? Photographer Joshua Hoffine suggests it wouldn’t be pretty. To see more of Hoffine’s work click HERE.Zombies Eat Themselves


  1. Couldn’t possibly be a zombie… He laid newspaper down on the sheets; a zombie wouldn’t care that he got blood on his linens.

  2. Well, i think james has a point, my conclusion is that the zombies wouldn’t eat themselves, as stated, zombies don’t do it for survival, the biting process is probably a reation to the virus, as it would prefer to spread. this guy, if you look, is still bleeding actual non-coagulated blood, and still has non-glazed eyes. deduction: he’s a survivor who locked himself in to keep the zombies out, but ran out of food, and it’s driving him crazy to the point where he believes he has become what he fears most.

  3. Well first I’d like to know why in the world I would be trapped inside a room. If I were trapped without ANY food, then that’s a huge no-no on my part (aka, I’m not a very good survivor), so I probably deserve to eat my own arm.

    A zombie would probably just wander around and eventually just decay.

  4. Crazy thought here, but maybe he’s not a zombie…? Maybe he’s a “Survivor” who’s lost a few too many marbles? The newspapers indicate research and obsession, possibly with the outbreak, or the zombies themselves. The window is boarded up which obviously a zombie can’t do. Maybe he once was a survivor, but was turned to the undead, but he has no apparent wounds other than the one he caused himself. Maybe he’s a starving to death crazy person who only had one last resort for sustenance…? Just a thought.

  5. a zombie would want living flesh and i agree with dan on this one

  6. My instinct tells me that the distinction between zombies eating the flesh of the living while eschewing the flesh of the dead lies in the nature of their feeding at all. They’re not doing it for subsistence, they’re doing it as a side effect of predation. You’ll see a similar effect when bored housecats go mousing. They stalk the mouse, they play with the mouse, they kill the mouse, they might bite and nibble but in the end the mouse goes largely uneaten. I feel that the zombie loses interest in its “meal” once the victim dies, because the predatory drive stops at that point. It’s also possible that whatever ability the zombies have to detect one another causes a stop to the feeding, since the newly killed are going to be rising soon after death. This is why I tend to include the oft-maligned “infected” in the zombie family, they exhibit nearly identical hunting/feeding habits.

  7. Alex Masterson

    Interesting… kinda hard to tell where beard ends and sinew begins ¬_¬

    Anyhoo, regarding the question posed, I suppose the distinction made is between living flesh and dead flesh – for the zombie, I suppose, dead tissue would hold no interest.

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