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  1. What solder of warrior stands the best chance of survival in a zombie apocalypse? A United States Navy SEAL!

  2. Antarctica sounds great as a survival option if you can get there and have access to one of these facilities. However, I don’t think the zombies would be much of an issue in this arctic environment – due to the fact that they (the zombies) would become frozen and immobile due to the frigid temps.

    If there was an outbreak inside one of these facilities however, that would be an entirely different scenario all together. Then you and your fellow survivors would have to clear the facility of any walking dead, or if the place was so taken over by the dead that you did not have the resources to take them all out, you would need to fortify an area as best you could, and try to devise an escape plan – which may be as brutal as having to leave the facility and take your chances in the elements . . . wow, so many different scenarios and options.

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