Just weeks after AMC celebrated Frank Darabont’s leadership of their hit show The Walking Dead in a featured interview, it looks like the network has pushed him out.  This is huge news, and leaves the direction of the series a bit up on the air.

Technorati reports that the show has experienced several upheavals recently, from the entire writing staff being fired to major internal disagreements about the success of the season one finale:

“Fans are sure to become leery of the second season. Darabont had the pedigree, and the fans trusted him. Now, we are left with people without the pedigree who still have to answer the same question brought up in season one.”

Clearly something is not right in the world of The Walking Dead.  Filming is already well underway for the second season, which makes this a crazy time to make such a drastic change.  Our guess is that Darabont wanted to do things his way, and the AMC egos couldn’t stand giving up control.

One thing is for sure, if not for Darabont the series never would have made it to television.  He has been its biggest supporter, and is a true fan of Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel.  Losing him is a big blow any way you slice it.

Cross your fingers that this isn’t the beginning of the end for the series.


  1. This IS a bit of a pisser for me! I only just saw the first season on DVD, as we don’t have sat/cable, and I must say I loved it. Changing brains in the middle of, what has so far been, one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, seems like a bad idea! On the interviews and special features, he was going on about how shocked he was about how much freedom in direction he had. If that has suddenly changed and the network is now going to pull in the reigns……..DAMN IT! Just hope for the best, I guess. Hope they keep up with the good balance in the story line.

  2. Hello Everybody,

    While my initial response is one of the bummer variety, I reckon in the long run it’ll either work or it won’t. If it doesn’t, the success of the first season (at least I considered it a huge success) will be an inspiration to try it on again. Maybe HBO or Showtime will pick up a zombie series with the same amazing potential as Kirkman’s, “The Walking Dead”.

    As with all things, it’s all part of the Tao.

    I wish them all well in creating a second season that kicks as much ass as the first, even without Darabont. I’ll also be interested in seeing what direction Darabont chooses, now that he’s got some extra time on his hands.

    Have a good one,


  3. It wasn’t kirkman. It seems like he was just going with the flow. He’s smart he wouldn’t make darabont quit.

  4. Somebody at AMC must be a real hardass who has to get their way. This show has been Darabont’s baby, and I don’t think he’d walk away if he didn’t absolutely have to.

  5. i have a hard time believing Kirkman would go for that during the middle of shooting,or at any point really. i would like to know if he (kirkman) has control over the property or does amc have the control where the tv series is concerned?

  6. crumbs! This is all rather worrying. Fingers crossed for season 2!

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