In August 2010 we first reported on a dangerous new superbug living inside the artificially enhanced breasts, butts and noses of plastic surgery patients in England.  Known as NDM-1, the bug is able to merge with any number of different species of bacteria to render them resistant to nearly all antibiotics.

Now Wired Science reports that an American soldier serving in Afghanistan has contracted the bug, confirming exert predictions that NDM-1 will soon become a global public health concern.

Bacteria bearing NDM-1 appear to circulate in South Asia in an untracked manner, appear to spread in health care settings by contaminated surfaces and the hands of health care workers, easily share their resistance DNA with other bacteria, and render common infections almost untreatable.

If a weakened zombie sickness currently exists it would need only to merge with the NDM-1 to create an unstoppable undead plague the likes of which the world has never seen.

Even without zombies, this superbug is poised to turn any number of previously benign infections into major threats to the stability of modern civilization.


  1. Legalize cannabis there’s matierals in it that can replace antibiotics

  2. Hm, NDM-1 isn’t the name of a bacteria, it’s the name of an enzyme that gives antibiotic resistance: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/NDM-1

  3. Why i didn’t see anything on the news about somthing as big as this yet?

    Unless this is contained quickly it sounds like this can easily trigger all sorts of pandemic based apocalypses.

    It sounds like somthing a supervillain would come up with…a superbug that easily mutates and incorporates aspects of other bugs, it’s like the perfect bioweapon…

  4. Imagine something like this 150 years ago! No real mass comunication, but still large amounts of people moving to different parts of the world.

  5. Buggy Boobies, yuck

  6. So basically what ur saying is were all F8cked

  7. The more anti-biotics and anti-bacterials we use, the smarter and tougher we make bacteria. Evolution works at a frenzied pace at the micro biological level and we are evolving bacterial that is more drug resistant and powerful than ever before. It is only a matter of time before a bug emerges that we will have absolutely no answers for.

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