Behind an unassuming concrete wall on the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland rests what might be the best house on the planet for surviving the coming zombie plague.  Called the “Safe House” by design firm KWK Promes, this livable fortress includes a raising drawbridge, a secure above-ground pool for drinking water, hidden entrances and solid coverings for every last window and door.

Add in rooftop features that include solar panels, a full crop garden and water collection devices, and only the Safe House’s close proximity to a large city keeps it from being just about perfect.  Thanks to ZRS Fort McClellan Chapter President, Adrian Jennings, for the heads up on this.  Check out more pics HERE.


  1. Zombie proof home brought to you by IKEA & CB2.

    Ok for the undead but such an obvious static defense is magnet for other humans, some of whom will undoubtedly be hostile.

  2. Love that house but has its flaws imho. Those big transformer walls look like they would take forever to open and more importantly close. The glass on the ground instead of above I don’t like. I’d be all about balconies so that I could play celebrity knock-off like in Dawn. 🙂 And I didn’t read on the water situation. Did I miss that? No water equals dead in 3-4 if you can’t drink your own urine. Ugh

  3. a good zombie proof house should contain the folowing:
    -strong walls to prevent people from breaking them with hands
    -if there is glass it should be elevated
    -some form of isolated water suplly (unlesss your area has a solar powered pump/treatment station)
    -power (for almost everything)
    -some sort of sewage system (once again if your area is not automized)
    -area for farming (rooftop grdens are a good idea if little space is available)
    -a tall place to spot things coming
    -it should be isolated or fenced prfferably both
    -should be able to accomidate more than 1 person (if you are a surviver, you never know when others might show up)
    -lots of storage for well… storing things

  4. No house is zombie-proof. When there is no more room in hell, the dead will head to this house first and demonstrate that all of that really cool, transformability to secure house mode doesn’t mean squat when little Billy left the garage door unlocked and the drawbridge down…

  5. no one special

    That is quite possibly the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen! I need a house like that.

  6. There are several problems with this house.

    Definite Problems –

    1) Needs to be a working small farm. If they have the storage, I guess they will be relying on preserved food during their life time – blah!

    2) Too many moving parts and requires too much energy to move those walls around. I hope they have a manual way of moving the walls or a huge generator of some type.

    3) Instead of being obfuscated, it is a major target – It screams to the raiders, “Bring it on!”

    Not apparent problems –

    1) Water – it maybe bing well fed but I do not know.

    2) Energy – What will it use for energy? Alternative energy is not visible.

    3) I hope there is an escape hatch. It would suck to be living in a secure mausoleum.

    4) I hope it has roof access for returning fire, or to keep people from attaching explosives to the outside, or to reduce the number of zeds (zombies) around.

    5) I hope it has an underground bunker.

    That is my list for now.

    • They’re zombies! Zombies don’t know how to attach explosive devices. They have a one track mind and that’s creamy brains.

      • zombies dont necessarily have a craving for brains. from what i can tell they want warm flesh. the warmer it is the more there into it.

      • I think what he’s saying is that when the zombie shit hits the fan, it’s not only zombies you have to worry about. There will be a LOT of people trying to survive and willing to do anything to do it.

    • Did you read the blurb above the pictures? The blurb states that the house has solutions for a good number of the problems you listed; water, alternative energy, hidden escape routes, roof access and farming being among them. They did not however mention an underground bunker. Also I would certainly hope they took the power needs of the sliding portions into account when setting up the alternative power source. As for the house being raider bait….well I think most remotely secure places are likely to run into raider problems. it comes with the territory.

    • Zombies have no reason to attack the house or even camp the house out after a week or two of failure they will disperse trying to find more food and youll be able to jam out again but an MG gun mounted on the roof and renewable energy source does sound usefull

    • it says it has solar panels and a garden on top.

    • you can clearly see a solar panel on the roof if you look close enough

  7. It is now my life ambition to buy that house, but I would add even more zombie protection features. 🙂

  8. It’s like a lead-lined Ikea showroom!

  9. My zombie house would have 50 cal. ports two to each side AND turrets at all four corners of the roof with unlimited ammo rocket launchers. I’d also have God mode on with levitate cheat enabled.

    • 50 cal is a stupid choice considering the recoil, and rocket launchers would be hard to get but obviously ur joking

      • sence i cant reply to vince and the staff member i will just reply to myself and hope they read this.

        First off vince do you understand how stupid u sound saying u wanna shoot a zombie with a .50 caliber gun when at most it requires a 9mm pistol or a good shot from a .22 lr.
        Second you can have ur ear ripped off and still hear. if there entire side of there face is ripped off then maybe not from that ear but a zombie could still hear without its ear.
        Third thinking about repopulating is rediculous with 2 people considering ur kids would have to mate and the fact that you dont think about making a race of humans that have evolved or a race that can succeed you only wish to create a race of “beautiful people”. when the world gets overrun by zombies itll be the “beautiful people” that are all stupid that will die first

        As for the staff members. whered u find out they dont use sound and dont make noise etc. could u put a link 😀 that would really help me out

      • Don’t get all pissy with me just because Alecia Keys doesn’t like you. And don’t hate on me because I thought of the 50 cal thing before you.

        Something else I forgot to mention is I would have infinite double tap cheat enabled AND instant mana cheat.

    • Zombies use sound!!! among other things to hunt thats why they moan, to alert other walkers that there’s food about……….. rocket launchers, 50 cals are quite! loud, plus I doubt you could get either in such dire, world-wide chaos!

      • Haha! “zombies use sounds” Says who? George Romero invented the modern flesh-eating zombie and his ghouls don’t moan or make any noise at all.

        Certainly, they MIGHT use sounds, but be careful what you assume is true about zombies. When they actually show up at your front door you might be in for a big surprise!

      • They might use sound or they might not. I think it depends on whether or not they still have ears. But even if they do use sound that’s fine with me. The more zombies to blow up and chop in half with my 50cal. the better.

        I forgot to mention I would also have Alecia Keys in the house with me so we could repopulate the earth with beautiful people. The new race would be free of the problems associated with ugly people.

      • This whole thread is cracking me up. I’m not worried about the zombies, I’m worried about the asshole survivors!

    • Who cares if it’s not practical. It’s the FUN Factor
      If you’ve never blown anything to Hell with a Ma Duce you have no idea how deprived your life has been.
      Just because its the Apocalypse who says you can’t have some fun???

  10. Thanks for the mention! Shortly after I sent this in the weather got real bad here and we lost power so I just now getting to see the blog. Its an awesome house, but it could use a basement for storage. I guess you can always retreat to the pool pavilion if the house is compromised, lol.

  11. Pretty sweet but not perfect. obviously this is closing in on being the most zombie proof house i would say a strong contruction with less trees surrounding it would be key a helicopter on the top for if u had to make a break for it on the roof. a basement that doubles as a bomb shelter that has enough food to survive a year or more, along with water and a waste disposale system that willnot back up under any circumstances. lots of guns would be nice too 😉 is this guy can afford this house he can afford his choice of guns and enough ammo to fill any of our houses

  12. External walls are cement bonded particle board? Not enough.

  13. Err, the top pic looks like a bad Photoshop to me.

    • It’s a real house that is very well documented. The architecture firm that created it has won awards for the design and construction of the building. Click on more pics to see a ton more.

  14. My only concern would be the speed the house can convert into its secure state. If it’s a slow process, then I’m not sure it would be that secure due to the inner layer being made of glass (though it could be shatter-proof I suppose). You’d have to have enough forewarning of danger coming. But if it can convert very fast, then it would be ideal. Though, I would make it a little bigger, I think. Maybe 2 or 3 times the size…

    • From what I have seen on TV and in the movies, zombies walk very slow so you should have time to convert it to the secure configuration, just be sure to get the draw bridge up first. ;>)

  15. There is a lot of glass on the first floor . . . . I would have steel doors and windows at least 8′ off the ground. Even if everything can be shuttered. Not just the undead we need to worry about. Draw bridge might stop some brain dead zombies, but not other survivors. I’m checking lists and taking names before I let anyone in.

    • If you look, you can see the tracks running up the inside of the walls for the roll ups. Plus it appears as though the property is walled off. Plant a garden and this guy is pretty much set.

  16. Wow!!!!!! that is the most amazing house i have ever seen!!! i want this house!!!

    i <3 zombies!!!! 😛 LOL

  17. Sweet! My birthday’s almost here if anyone’s interested! 😀

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