The following is an excerpt from Matt Mogk’s (“Moke’s”) book Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Zombies.

The most impactful weapons instruction I ever received was in the French Foreign Legion, the mercenary wing of the French military.  But it wasn’t what you might think.

One of my trainers, Corporal Blaga, was a little Romanian with a chip on his shoulder.  He hated the fact that he’d been assigned to a teaching unit.  And he really hated anyone who was bigger than he, which was pretty much everybody.  My first week enlisted he broke my nose swinging at the burly Russian recruit talking in the mess line in front of me.  The Russian ducked, I bled all over my breakfast, and Blaga scurried off like nothing happened.

Steven Wieland was a stoic German kid who’d had it rough.  Raised by a chronically alcoholic mother and abusive stepfather, Wieland scrounged for basics like food and clothes growing up.  At eighteen he was tall, solid muscle and my first roommate in the Legion.  He didn’t drink.  He didn’t smoke.  He didn’t lose his temper, or even say a bad word about anybody.  He was by all accounts a perfect kid who just wanted to keep his head down and go through life unnoticed. Unfortunately, Blaga had other plans.

One night after a few too many beers and not much else going on around the unit, Blaga decided he needed to assert his authority by making an example of someone, and this time he picked Wieland.  He circled us up in a large common room, and pulled Steven to the center.

After lecturing incoherently about respect and what it took to be a Legionnaire, Blaga slapped Wieland about the head getting angrier as the German showed no reaction.  Blaga then retrieved a large combat baton from a nearby closet and raised it in the air threateningly.  He dared Wieland to attack.  He ordered him to charge.  But Steven wouldn’t move a muscle.

Frustrated, Blaga started to hit Steven with the club, screaming louder and louder.  He smacked him in the mouth with its butt end, striking Wieland across the skull and shoulders repeatedly.

With no other options Steven finally charged prompting Blaga to deal him one last violent blow to the side of his knee.  The German was meant to collapse to the floor in a lump of failure, but instead Wieland kept coming and delivered a punch to center of Blaga’s face that speckled the room with blood and knocked the Romanian out cold.

I think Wieland was as shocked as the rest of us, and we all just stood there with our mouths open.  After what seemed like forever, another trainer came by to see what the silence was all about and quickly carried Blaga to the infirmary.  He would later be transferred to different unit for what was said to be a preapproved move, but we all knew it was because Blaga had lost control of us and we would never take orders from him again.

The next night a group of seven or eight trainers grabbed Wieland from our room and beat him up pretty good.  He came back battered and bruised, but his first words to me in his thick German accent were, “Totally worth it.”

So what was the Romanian trying to do?  He wanted to intimidate us to show that he was in charge, but instead he got himself reassigned to warehouse duty at the trash yard.  Wouldn’t a pistol have worked better than a stick for intimidation?  Having had both waved in my face at one time or another, I can tell you the answer is a resounding yes.

The lesson I took away is that when given options it’s crucial to pick the right weapon for the job at hand within the range of your abilities.  No weapon is the best weapon for everyone, or every purpose.  My top choice might be last on your list, and rightly so.

But ego, testosterone and fantasy should have no place in the decision process if we’re talking about actual zombie survival.

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  1. Im with the sledge hammer idea. I would alter the shape into a pointed wedge though. High impact with a splitting action. Kind of like little johns hammer in the new robbin hood. Ten lbs is alot to carry on a supply raid though. Id prefer a 5 or 6 lb. head in that shape. My edged tools will be for makimg a home not killing the dead. Unless I happen to be attacked by humans the its on. Go gerber parang machete!!!

  2. Diehardsteelers

    My choices would be, an old Winchester 1894 in 44 with a SW revolver in 44, my mossberg 835 (mossberg 500 that shoots every thing from 2 3/4 to 3 1/2) , remington 700 in 30-06, and a nice PSE compound bow, A couple of kabars Bowie knives. Then throw all of that into an old M1008 (GM made military diesel 4×4 truck)

    • I agree but I think that he 535 would be a bit better. It still shoots all 12 gauge rounds that you can throw at it but it is lighter than the 835. A couple pounds can seem like a hundred after a long day of scaveging for supplies and constantly looking over your shoulder.

  3. Michael_Wittmann

    Meh, I’ll take my 6×49 powered Kohler Wetzler scoped Mauser. And I’ll bring my MG-42 for crowds. Full auto isn’t bad if you know anything about controlled bursts. Not really gonna take gun advice from a civie, no offense.

  4. My ideal weapon would probably be the Ruger SR 22. Tactical design for any necessary stuff like tac lights or fore-grips and the fact that it could be suppressed to near silence being a .22. You could also carry hundreds of rounds in your pocket and you don’t have to worry so much about stance in the heat of things as there’s almost no recoil. Expanding ammo (or probably even the high velocity stuff for that matter) would also reduce the need to check what’s behind your target. You’d also be able to hunt more common “dinners” such as rabbits (Not that they have much nutritional value) and birds without completely vaporizing them.
    I suppose it also has the advantage of being cheap to stockpile.

  5. everybody was overlooking the baseball bat, a nice aluminum bat would do wonders against zombies, they are light but still powerful enough to bash a zombies skull in. i can swing a bat all day and they are able to be put on target accurately and effectively. that would be my melee weapon. id also use an icepick for that blow straight to the brainstem through the eye socket. for my sidearm probably taurus .357 its a badass gun, reliable and well built. Ive put a lot of thought into my primary weapon, i know an AR would be sweet but i would never want a gun that would promote taking on groups of them, in my opinion a high powered hunting rifle like a .30-06 would be perfect. you put yourself into an advantageous position and pick them off at range accurately and efficiently. plus ammo is very easy to find for hunting rifles. but in the case the zombies do get close id take em out with my .357 and id probably keep a glock in my pocket. theres no need for a shotgun or an ar in my opinion you just have to pick your engagements and play it safe

  6. crowbar by far is the best. its a multi use weapon you can open a door/crate or crack open a zombie head
    if you can find a crowbar during the apocalypse grab it

    • If zombieism is a blood-borne illness that will kill you with a single drop in they eye, mouth or open wound – you might want to think about NOT using your zombie weapon for other things. A bloody crowbar used to pry open a door turns that door into a toxic time bomb, just waiting for someone to touch it and get infected.

  7. It is as simple as a mechanic at his tool box. Use the right tool for the job at hand. Never carry just one weapon, or just one type of weapon. My primary is a AR-15, secondary is a .45. Followed by a .357 revolver and a .380 back up to that. Also a 12 gauge shotgun. I feel each person in a groop should be armed simalar to this. Other weapons need to be carried as well, for instance I have a woodsman’s pal “machette”, and a good pair of 6 inch pocket knives. That just should scratch the surface. Groops should be just that, groops! Tools and weapons must be devided among all parties and carried/used according to ability. Try to find multipul use tools as much as possible, such as a crowbar. In the end, you are only as safe as the people you have put your trust in and your own prepairdness.

  8. In determining your best weapon, there are a number of things to consider, so lets take the groups. First lets deal with firearms, best bet is 9mm carbine and matching pistol as that ammo is the most common and if you can use the same in both weapons you are better off.
    Next we have to consider melee weapons, given that it is widely accepted that noise is an attractant for seeks and since ammo is finite you should try and conserve it, that’s just common sense. melee weapons deal in 3 ranges over 10 feet you can likely run away 6-10 feet we will call long range for melee. I recommend an ice chopper/ sidewalk scraper with a fiberglass handle. It is cheap and sturdy its hardened steel head has some weight and it s edge is durable enough that when you thrust at seeks face it will with relative ease chop right through the bones that make up the face and enter the grey matter in the skull
    mid range is 2-6 feet, again getting close to danger zone is not advisable but here I would suggest something like an adapted fiberglass axe handle that you have used stainless hose clamps on this has the benefit of adding protrusions that can cause the depressed fractures necessary to damage the brain sufficiently to kill seek but also adds weight for the swing, hose clamps make weapons maintenance a breeze, as we all know you are only as good as you tools and if you don’t keep them in good repair neither your tools nor you will last long
    I would also suggest you use a crowbar wrapped with rubber table for grip as a back up as that is a good multi tasking device
    Close range is 0-2 feet use PPE proper protective gear such as welding gauntlets etc. Weapon of choice for me is an 8 inch tanto blade that has a grip right 4 inch handle the weapon is full tang it has a 1/4 inch thick spine and a chisel tip so it holds up under all kinds of abuse.

  9. I think the weapon of my choice would have to be determined by the situation i find myself in if an outbreak occurs in my lifetime. First you would have to consider what type of zombie you would be dealing with: is this a 28 Days later type zombie or a World War Z type zombie, slower but able to get small bursts of speed at close range. You would also have to consider the surrounding you find yourself in, it would be pointless you use a long reach weapon like a pole-arm in a narrow hallway of a building or wasting your strength and safety getting in close with your machete to lop of a zombies head. Also i think you would need to consider the carrying capacity of all of your gear as well as the ability to easily access it in a post apocalyptic world. For long distance i would prefer a crossbow, 1st: it might be possible to retrieve the bolts after you have disposed of your target, making ammo more easily available, 2nd its a silent weapon, where guns can easily reveal your location a quick shot or two could allow you to quietly take out any threats you come across. However the lack of rapid fire makes the crossbow a difficult weapon to use when your being attacked by multiple targets so a secondary ranged weapon would defiantly be needed. When the fight gets closer id prefer the crowbar: now only does this pose as a perfect utility item it also makes a durable weapon in close combat where blades can become dull and useless and are less useful in other fields. Weapons aside i think the best weapon anyone can have is: Unlike the undead (hopefully) we know where to aim to kill our prey, how to use weapons, how to find food, how to work as an effective team, when to stop a fight and run or when not to even fight at all. You cant always have a gun or a sharp knife at your side, but you can always have that intelligence thats made us the dominate species on the planet.

  10. nukes bring up a good point, thats why everyone should go out and invest at least $10000 in a shelter XD
    (not really)

    i personally think the people with nukes would pick strategic areas to destroy, and who knows if radiation would even affect zombies

    my advice is to upgrade your house to where you need minimal sociological infrastructure, (but do not make it obvious… do you really want all of the people in your area who have “just a little scratch” on them banging on your door) doing so will ensure you will survive at least long enough that either all of the zombies die/ are killed or until help arrives 9if that even happens)… then the question will be how to handle the world post-zombie

    [i will make some videos on ideal zombie survival houses at a later date]

    alternatively if you are feeling suicidal because all of your loved ones/ friends are now zombies, you could always create a dirty bomb using household items (no, i do not know how , so dont think i do or try to ask) so you can get back at them

  11. I found a recoilless cannon on the internet, now if only i had the $3k to buy it and a stable amount of ammo :'{

    additionally i found some grenade launchers, but high explosives would pose a danger to not only the zombies but also the user, that is why i think (excluding landmines/ IED) they should be used as las resort weapons, and that only if it is benefiting a group of humans

  12. My best zombie weapon is my mind, i will have a firearm, but that is just a tool, and tools break. your mind is what will enable you to find the right tool for the job, improvised or not, but like mentioned above pick one you can handle and operate well taking your environment into consideration, if you can’t operate the tool you have chosen you have just handicapped your self. use your head, it’s what will keep you alive in any situation

  13. But dont you think if one area/state was infested wouldnt they nuke it

  14. well personally my opinion is that a scavenger with a good head on his shoulders could make short of a gun from whats in an average tool shed or hard ware store ive cannibalized my fair share of tools and parts and rigged new tools ive made a spear out of a broken switch blade and broom handle before

    • So your meaing to tell everyone here that you think u could survive a zombie apocalypse because you know how to use tools? duct taping a switcblade to the end of a broom handle aint gunna cut it big guy. Cant wait to see how people like u make out when this all hits

      • I think he makes a valid point, as far as being able to “make do” with what you have around you and improvise. The problem with scavenging is that after about a month in, all the stores will be bone dry. But the McGyver thing is really valid. A lot af people post and talk about using explosives and all these different guns and tactics. If you aint got it NOW you aint gonna get it after all hell breaks loose. Grenades and Clamores?!?! You’ll have to find a way to survive somewhere in the middle of most of the tactics people are posting.

  15. I may have to re-evaluate my dry wall hammer. This little beauty may work better

  16. FtLoC Be QUIET. No battle shouts, no rousing songs to lift spirits, no unsupressed gunfire or explosives.

    For Melee, which means you’ve already messed up somewhere… iklwa – the Zulu thrusting spear. A shaft about 4 feet long and a wide flat blade, no barbs or hooks or any of that nonsense, “stick it and quit it”, you don’t want to drop one Zombie just to have your weapon get stuck. Make sure you have a good grip but be ready to just let go and run like hell.

    .22 rifle. For clearing Zeke from a nice safe high spot (roof, water tower, etc.). Also good for hunting game. If you can put a noise and flash supressor on a small machine gun it’s gotta be possible for a light rifle.

    .22 Pistol x2, Silenced. Carry a spare and be ready for jams. Before standing and fighting always ask yourself “Do I have time to draw and shoot my backup if this shot jams?”.

    One big Honkin BFG of some kind, nothing discourages a raider like having his head vaporized by a good old fashioned 45 slug. Don’t be shy about using it either, remember a non-infected human is just a zombie waiting to happen. 🙂

    TONS of ammo, not literally tons, but you know, LOTS of ammo. An infected city will have from hundreds to MILLIONS of Zeds wandering around, and you might be the only guy clearing them out. .22 is commonly available and reasonably effective, if you’re down to making your own powder and slugs you can also get more rounds per bit of scrounged resources. Carry ammo in multiple locations on your person, none of that dying because you dropped your backpack bulls*&@.

    Noisy Shiny Thingy activated by remote. You could set up a stereo system and some strobes a mile from your camp and set them off if a swarm moves into your area, then slip out while zeke leaves to see what’s going on over there. You could also set it up to activate by tripwire around your camp. Zeke wanders up to the edge of your camp, hits the wire and hears/sees/senses something noisy and shiny somewhere else. Also consider flare guns, RC planes and cars, mortars, anything that makes it presence known ELSEWHERE is a good distracting tool. If the Zombies you’re fighting can just sense “life” you’re screwed.

    • definetly need at least a rifle and sidearm I personally would use a silenced A4 or an mp a silenced 9mm will suffice too. A machete, buck knife and small hatchet as well, but where you mentioned ‘clearing zombies out of city’ thats suicide, last thing you’d want to do is walk into a highly populated area, and never go any where alone or stray to far from your escape route/vehicle. distractions will deffinetly work but RC planes and cars will tie you up as well even a couple seconds is enough for a horde to begin to overwhelm you. Carrying your rifle and pistol clips on your belt or shoulder harness will be the best choice and always remember how much you have, when your down to your last clip you should be on your way to a safe area if not already there. A 45. is devastating yes but with a high recoil and low capacity it would be something I’d leave in my vehicle or safe zone, carrying that and firing it into a horde would be the same as ringing a dinner bell.

  17. Actually he it would be safest to say use your brain and think up a strategy along with the most lethal weapons you can use. Fantasy and idiot intenctions won’t help as every plan you have made goes out the door with the first big disaster. The weather, people, your surroundings and the universe will seem to conspire against you at all times. Even the most trained military personnel will be hard pressed and wishing for luck. Team work with others will be essential as the criminal element will come out and may be former police, military and emergency personnel that survived simple becuase they had more resources and power over others before….they will try to assert that power to thier advantage as police did to rob people and illegally disarm concealed weapons permit holders at the time of Katrina while rapes and murders occured the police had a marry old time making themselves rich robbing the best tourist hotels and stores they stopped lootters from getting into…(some police did thier jobs correctly). Guns will always be a source of protection and even when ammo runs out it can reloaded…brass catchers are made for many common rifles Ar-15s etc…bullets can be made at home out of lead and tin at the very least for guns not in velocities higher than 1600 fps..you can buy regular actuall alloys for better bullet making but once thats gone..lead wieghts from car tires used to balance them become material to make bullets…primars are bought and stored in packs of 1000 so not a problem there also black powder six shooters and rifles can be used once bullets are not around 10 years down the line…the powder can be made at home. Food and water will be a primary concern once it starts to run out feral pets..cats and dogs will make great sources of meat rivers or lakes will be places frequented by people so dangerous but also places to trade,…boil your water always….if the world falls scavanging is not the way to go starting a new life is. Be self sufficient that means working 16 hours a day…alot of people will simply die from lack of food, medicine etc but humans will always make it.

  18. For close quarter fighting I have a Estwing Dry-wall hammer and a Cold Steel brand Machete, both have wrist lanyards. I have a good collection of firearms, they would all serve a purpose in any given situation. A flamethrower might be fun to have around. I also carry a picture of my mother in law..it scares away human scumbags.

    • THE MOTHER-IN-LAW!!!!! Why didn’t I think of that! My friend, you have just given us the upper hand come Z-Day!!!

  19. Honestly i dont even like posting on these websites anymore because it seems like people are on the virge of mental retardation. like it honestly confuses me to see people saying “Chainsaws would be sick” or “Compound bow” like cmon guys dont u realize how many people are in ur city. i dont care if u live in a small town they will come in great numbers. A chainsaw will have blood splatter and is unefficent it doesent cut through like u think it would. a compound bow is slow to shoot and once u have shot ur arrow u need to go get it. im not saying a compound bow is a bad choice im saying it shudnt be ur first choice.
    Also maybe this is stating the obvious but a AR-15 or a SKS would be first choice for me. Please dont even ask why because its so obvious, if ur thinking why ill give u 1 clear example. Fast to reload. nuffsaid. if anyone wants to dicuss furthur u can email me or msn me or skype me whatever ur fancy is but i dont really feel like correcting each person who puts a post on this website because its frusterating trying to explain the same thing 100 times. just use common sence.
    the main reason people are going to die when the zombie apocalypse hits is because people are too stupid to know what to do.
    If u wanna dicuss u can email or msn me at Internalfrost@Hotmail.com let me know. otherwise good luck to those who dont know what there doing maybe ur plan will prove success with luck….. most likely not. guess i gotta buy some more 7.62×39 ……

    On a side comment for those smart enough to get a gun license or those who enjoy the use of guns i would suggest if u live in canada aquiring a SKS they are really cheap if bought from the right place and there will guarenteed be a store in ur city selling factory boxed 1000 ammo.
    Be aware that using this gun requires the knowledge to be able to clean the firearm as the bullet powder is corrosive.

  20. Now that I think of it, one weapon that should never fail you is a bear trap, if you camp out in the woods in some old barn you might want a 10 foot palliside wall along your perimeter, they are sturdy and not to hard to set up if you have a few people to help or on guard duty. And most barns have farm animals and almost all farmers have rifles, and shotguns. Since power is more then likely out, light up some torches inside the barn, and whenever you need food, send out a raid party of about 2 maybe 3 people to go out and take a few weeks worth of food . However , always check those selfish people for bites. And if you have a trained dog, it would be excelent for a food raid considering they have kean smell

  21. Why not just get a boat and stay off in the great lakes or the oscean? I live near minnesota so that would be my choice, a hunting rifle, few friends, on a medium sized boat, and fish for food, and boil the water to insurre the water is safe to drink. For me it would be impossible to get an ak47 or a-15 or whatever, but I do have a huntings permit and I know how to control shaking problems with slow heavy breaths. Most people like to think that staying at a store would be safe but its more like crucial to your life. If your stocked up on a hunting store, on the roof popin shots at the zack’s then your just encouraging raiders to come by and shoot you. Stay safe, make multiple plans, always stay positive and keep your head up. If you make the right descions you ll make it alive

  22. My weapon of choice would be the compound crossbow. Silent but deadly… SBD’s… And you can reuse the ammo!

  23. Just a key up for everyone that thinks a chainsaw is a good idea. IT IS NOT. I can think of almost nothing that would worse than a chainsaw, and keep in mind I’ve used many of them. 1) they are heavy 2) they are VERY loud 3) they almost never start when you need them to 4) they use a special gas/oil blend 5) they need pressure to work, if you hit the zombie in the head, it will simply deflect unless the zombie is on the ground or pushing against the saw. 6) Most people do not know haw to sharpen one 7) you will be covered with the gore you creat 8) kick back, and it WILL kick back if your trying to cut bone. 9) way too short as most of us are not badass enough to wield one of the big ones…..So lets just say going into combat with a loud, heavy, weapon with no range, it’s unreliable, and your just as likely to destroy your own legs as you are to kill a zombie.

  24. Hmm if we are talking about weapons I have 4 that I intend on using. The first two would be multi-purpose, a crowbar and a hatchet, they are both relatively light and can repel zombies (of course not intended to kill large groups) and when it comes to scavenging they would be useful. The other two would be my machete and a .22 revolver, once again both light weapons but also powerful enough to down a zombie. Most would be skeptical of a revolver as it has a slow reload, but in the end it is much more reliable, while I may have to reload every 9 shots and take a few minutes for that the fact that I have no chance of jamming is assuring. Many people suggest assualt rifles or automatic weapons, however they all have a good chance of jamming and misfiring. Taken into account that most people who suggest that do not know how to properly use or care for such a gun leads to rather grim situations. But this is all my opinion feel free to comment on it or suggest better alternatives.

    • all of the following is due to respect as u seem to know what ur doing. (something rare on most of these websites).
      Hatchet and machete? both very similar i would probably just stick with the machete.
      as for the revolver most are standard at 6 shots if anything above .22 As for the powerful enough to take out a zombie the machette would most definitly do the job as for the .22 enless at close distance and a amazingly good marksmen the .22 wouldnt be able to make it through the skull and hit the brain stem (the thing that is needed to be shot to kill a zombie in almost all cases) i would suggest stepping up to a 9mm or .40 either glock or smith and wesson pistol because they are reliable and are very easy to unjam (which mine has never done so (i can only speak on the smith and wesson as i dont have a glock but theres a reason police use glocks)) as for the assault rifle comment a m16 if not dropped alot and kept clean (not hard to do) usually will not jam and if jamming it is very easy to unjam (if u know what ur doing) as for a ak-47 it has alot less chance of jamming but is alot harder to fix if jammed and is harder to come accross for bullets.
      smart contribution on the revolver vs pistol. one of the first people that iv herd that can explain why using a revolver is better than a pistol (magazine springs wear out over time) other than “it looks bad a$$” or “its sick”.
      Thanks for putting up a good comment it helps me take into mind the magazine springs that i have never thought of 🙂

    • oh and a side note there are speed loaders that can in some cases be faster than reloading a magazine. the only benefit to a pistol is the multiple magazine idea

      • Good thoughts, next time I have some excess cash I’ll have to step up my pistol or pick up a speed loader, and thinking about it a hatchet would be unneccesary. While your insight on assualt rifles convinced me at first I still don’t think I’m going to get one, first I’m not that big of a guy so the extra weight might mean the difference between life and death, and as you said ammo would be harder to come by; I’d like to avoid scavenging in the more populated areas where a gun store might sell the ammo. Not to mention something that fast and powerful would be useless where I intend on waiting out the first couple months (I live out in the countryside so there is low population and the few that do come can be easily dropped by my hunting rifles) But all your insight is very helpful so thanks! I’m glad my comment got picked up by someone helpful.

    • yea im from canada so i dont have the choice to buy a assault rifle because there illegal here enless u have a collectors license which is extremely hard to get. as for the hard to get ammo and it being heavy, enless u go above a standard ar-15 or a ak47 and u dont put a ton of attachments on it you shud be fine. its really not as heavy as people make them out to be. i was at a gun show a couple days ago and got to hold a ak-47 and a ar-15 and a m16 (ar-15 and m16 are the same thing one is just a civilian version of the military version) and they really werent that heavy, the m16 is mainly made out of plastics and fiberglass and light weight material so that you can carry days on end. as for the shortage of ammo only the ak-47 would be hard to get ammo for as the bullets that are most commonly used in it is a .308 which most gun stores dont carry alot of. a m16 takes a standard .223 usually which is used for most hunting rifles and whatnot. my advice if ur gunna get a assault rifle just in case u need it (id recommend u getting one for ur own protection) then get a ar-15 there light and easy to find ammo for in comparison to the ak-47. anyways good idea staying out in the country side. to bad you dont live close enough to me because my plan is similar but i need more people to execute it properly. (arm every person on that farm or whatever ur living in) gaurenteed ur gunna get people that will come out there and try to raid u for food and gas. good luck 🙂

      • The trick with assault rifles is to take your time. Don’t spray and prey because you won’t hit anything. taking and extra half-second between shots will save your life and ammo. I agree completely about the AR15, they are lightweight and easy to work on, if you even have to. The ammo is readily available and frankly, people will be scarred of you. I highly support the revolver as well, they are easy to maintain and as was said, (and I hadn’t thought about it) there are no springs to ware out. The Ak47 is also a great assault riffle and like andrew said above, ammo is hard to just find. However, I have a Mossin Nagant and we just order bulk ammo from Russian surplus. So if you use extra funds beforehand, you can order yourself a thousand or so rounds for extremely cheap.

  25. Just a thought, I can’t recall if it’s been brought up, a dog. Not so much as a weapon, but for “heads up”. They respond to their suroundings and situations, and take hints from your mood and attitude. Always aware of their enviroment, and really hard to sneak up on. Of cousre I’m not talking about a little yappy bastard, but a “real” dog. I’ve got a dog who does not bark unless I tell her to, she lets out a low rumble when things don’t seem right. I think a good dog would be a VERY important tool in Z-Day. Just a thought……..

    • That’s a good one. A well trained dog would be a great asset.

    • Good one, a problem would be emotional trauma if it died and running off like in “I am legend”. i have a dog and she barks at people that she doesent know. bad because it attracts zombies but good for sneaky zombies. if she ever died i wouldnt know what to do and therefore a dog has its benefits and its downfalls

      • Well, sure it would be emotional if something happened to my dog! But I’m sure once I’ve already had to beat my neighbors and other people I know to death with a baseball bat( not to mention family ) I’ll be pretty emotionally detatched anyway.

    • true after seeing everyone die it would suck and whatnot but u cant be saying if uv killed everyone u love and then u only have 1 little buddy to hang out with and then he gets eaten to death or bite u wouldnt be sad. go watch “i am legend” it really sucked for that guy

  26. This is all Blaga’s fault!!!!

  27. When i read some of these it really hurts my head. 1 bullet = 1 zombie and do you realize how many bullets there are out there? guarenteed you neighborhood gun shop has 200 000+ bullets and enless you live in a major city (Which would have more stores) than you could easily take out enough. in my city we have about 1.2 million people and about a couple million bullets if i had to guess. (maybe more) using “Clay more” or “tomohawks” would be possibly the work choices for weapons. yes maybe once your fully set up in your house you could get Mines but a tomahawk is a terrible choice it doesent have any weight behind it cant break skull and therefore is useless. as for a crossbow thats one of the only good choices i hear people talking about. for those who doubt a crossbow you need to watch more zombie movies and look at the amount of pressure it takes to break skull. a decent crossbow (or compound bow) can break skull easily. realisticly enless you go get your gun license and store some ammo in your basement you screwed because the minute that warning goes out on the TV everyone is gunna make a break for the gun stores and the bass pro shops, etc. dont want to have a gun or too young? get a crossbow or compound bow go to a range 2 times a month to keep in practice get a back weighted machette and make sure ur good at running and reloading that crossbow.

    • I’m not as well informed on crossbows so I am unaware as to their skull cracking capability, but even if they can penetrate a skull and kill a zombie, the range is much more limited, and the reload time is terrible compared to most guns. So assuming it is true that a crossbow can kill a zombie, I think the use of a crossbow is very situational. I wouldn’t want a crossbow in my hands instead of a gun if there were more then five zombies around.

      • agreed i wouldnt want to take on more than 2 running zombies with a crossbow the way to reload is rediculous. its the point that if theres a couple zombies vs a couple people a crossbow is quite and alot easier to get than a silencer (considering there illegal). and for the sledgehammer its hard for any normal person. and again no one in the right mind would go in there swinging a sword with more than 3 zombies etc etc

      • That makes sense, I’m gonna research more into crossbows and possibly buy my self one to practice with. See if they are what they’re cut out to be.

      • Thats a good idea but do yourself a favor and get good with a high poundage compound bow. much fun’er to shoot and faster to reload (harder to break skull). crossbows have more skull crushing ability but are boring to shoot

      • HappySlappyZombieKillerGuy

        lol I would be dumb enough to run in there with a sword, but I have more experience with melee weapons then guns. Give me a golf club, katana, knife, hell even a stick (one that won’t break) and I could destroy maybe up to 4 zombies before dying. But give me a gun and I’ll be like…I CAN’T HIT NOTHING!!!!! But if I have shotgun I guess I’m okay. To bad AA-12’s are illegal 🙁

      • at the time of zombie outbreak… do you think anyone will care what is illegal and whats not?

      • im replying through ColeC but this is for Undead1.
        There illegal meaning you cant buy them, as in you cant go into a store and get one, you wont be able to get one once the zombie outbreak happens and u dont be able to find a street dealer with one. therefore nearly impossible to get retard

  28. personaly iperfer a clay more shure there slow but oneswing for kills can proveusefull that anda tomohawk for in door and i can find one arepeting cros bow because the real flaw with guns is the noise basicly tell there freinds thatim made of fleshy bits, best part is i have axces to all of these im inthe sca

    • I don’t know if you are talking about the explosive claymore, or the sword, neither would be a great choice when dispatching a zombie in my opinion. Then tomahawks aren’t made for cutting through bone so it wouldn’t even do anything, and neither would a cross bow. The way I look at it. The best options are going to be loud and we just have to deal with it.

    • Wait! You mean like a 5ft long sword?!?!

  29. I agree with the comments here about the use of guns and ultimately a shortage of ammo, no matter how much you have. I personally would prefer a type of long blade like a sword or machete. Yes it could make you tired but they are effective, quiet and will always work as intended- to kill zombies!

    • I disagree, a standard load out for the military is around 300 rounds for your typical ground pounder, give or take a few, and imagine the damage a 5.56x45mm will do to a body that is already falling apart (They didn’t call it the meat cleaver during Vietnam for nothing). With a bit of practice you would be able to drop zombies from 200 meters with one or two shots, and you will never get tired of it because the round is relatively light. The problem here is being ready before hand. Good luck ordering a few thousand rounds after Z-day hits. Though I’m not suffering delusions, if the zombies stick around long enough, the ammo will run out, but blades become dull, so in a way they are worse then a gun. The most reliable weapon in my opinion is the sledge hammer. A nice 10lb. hammer gives you the reach when you need it and always delivers a deadly blow. Beside that, it feels light when you hold it just below the head so you wont get tiered of carrying it like you would a sword.

      • you do realize a sledge hammer take ALOT of force to swing around and the changes of u getting a good clear shot at a swing when a zombie is running at you will make you useless. also you just said a 10 pound sledgehammer. a sword is way less than 10 pounds and takes less effort to carry around and its alot easier to use to cut off arms heads or legs etc… you shud probably go buy that hammer ur talking about and go try and swing it around for a hour and tell me your not in pain. enless your in excellent shape id give you 20 minutes of madly swinging then youll be so tired you wont be able to move

      • Unless you just feel like drawing attention to yourself, shooting a single zombie that is so far away, and is not coming for you is kind of pointless. The only way we would survive the threat would be to have an army for an all out war, or sneak around and hide confronting our rotting foes on a need to do basis. I am not saying guns are a bad idea, just that shooting the thing should be a last resort. Unless there is a large group of you all packing the same heat. Think of the mall on “Dawn of the Dead” I don’t care how good you are, those numbers would would take weeks to thin out, and more would be drawn in for each shot you tak.

      • I understand that it is situational. I’m not suggesting taking on a crowd of zombies with anything, I don’t care what it is. What I am saying is that a civilian m16 is easily attainable, and plenty effective with an over abundance of ammo. As for Andrews sword idea, that cutting power goes down the drain after a few limbs have been removed, then what do you do? Sharpen it while running? Even if you have time between kills it would become so time consuming you wont like it very long. Also, I have used a sledge hammer for entire work days a few times in my life (cutting trees into firewood) and yes you will get winded if you aren’t used to it. But, the killing power of a sledgehammer is everywhere, even if you don’t hit with the head of the hammer, anywhere along the handle would at least take the zombie off it’s feet and you can dispose of it easily at that point. You wouldn’t be madly swinging a hammer and you wouldn’t suffer under the illusion you can like you do with a sword.

      • Not sure where you get your numbers but a ‘standard’ load as you call it is not 300 rounds. In Iraq we were required to carry 7 magazines. (6 on my chest, 1 in the rifle.) At most thats 210 rounds. HOWEVER.. to prevent over compression of the springs in our magazines we generally only had 27-28 rounds per magazine… So thats 196 rounds, or at most 224 if you were a motivator who carried an 8th magazine on the butt of your rifle.

        US Military gear is sold to the lowest bidder, the magazines suck after 7 months straight with 30 rounds mashing the springs down to the point that your last 4-5 rounds sometimes won’t load into the rifle properly because the spring has lost so much of its tension being compressed that long.

        • ahh but there’s where u assume too much. most people go with either magpul or tapco mags in the civ world. i had several sets loaded for 6 years before i left for the Marines and now that i got out of the Marines and came back to my ar15 i fired them off for some extra practice and had zero problems. i still have them fully loaded now and they always get fully loaded when i go out shooting every week. spring fatigue isn’t a problem in the more expensive mags. but that’s why they cost 15-30$ a mag versus GI 0.75$ a piece.

          Semper Fidelis,
          Cpl Boswell out

  30. different situations call for different weapons, there is no one good weapon for zombies… unless it the ray gun lolz @ CoD reference which i’mm sure to take crap for >:I
    bring it ;D

  31. Weapons are tools, and you need a different one for each given situation. There is no one magic perfect weapon. I have a rip hammer for close quiet dispatching of individual zacks in tight quarters, and as my universal door key, a kukuri knife for dismembering, an axe for slightly larger groups, and doors.. Shotgun and ak-47 for when things are getting dicey… And i’d take an apc into town for groceries… (though i’ve been toying with the idea of monster truck style vehicles.. Less armor, more height and squish.)

    • HappySlappyZombieKillerGuy

      lolz yes!!! A monster truck would be perfect!! Only one problem….how do you get the fuel. I think of zombie scenarios all the time, and I can see someone standing outside their car, fillin it up, then zombies attack! While your car/truck/tank/whatever is filling, you’re fighting for your gas (and life, but mostly gas lolz) then it clicks, you take a few parting swings/shots/throws and you jump in, and run ’em down 🙂
      cool story bro. lolz
      But In my opinion, a monster truck is perfect…just gotta find one 🙂

      • a monster truck is terrible on gas, suspension needs to be regularly tuned up, very unstable, easily break down, to high up to be able to put anything in the trunk.

  32. I would use a Tank with a Thermobaric cannon that runs off of the blood of the zombitches i kill. But wouldn’t using a chainsaw just make you prone to becoming infected with the blood spray getting all over you?

    • HappySlappyZombieKillerGuy

      I think that would only work if it got in a cut or your open mouth uuuugghh

      • go watch 28 days later. getting within ur eyes. possibly in ur ears, ur mouth, all over u could get into cuts, etc etc bro dont do eeeet

        • I own a barnett crsobosw and I’ve seen practice tips go through a one inch solid wood board so i do believe that it would kill a zombie,, but my big issue is that for the whole first season Daryl never puts the rear end of the bolt on the bolt channel (meaning if fired the arrow would not take flight and the limbs of the crsobosw would likely crack or shatter completely.) I love this show and love that the crsobosw is used in it, but it really bugged me when I saw the rear of the bolt on the scope mount and not the bolt channel (or track) while shooting.

  33. I have to agree with dylan on this one.

  34. rap machine no diggidy no doubt

    @adrian imagine how quickly you’d run out of ammo though. i dont see why people suggest machetes as weapons though. imagine how hard it must be to cleave a skull open with a machete, you’d be doing well to get it first time and then what do you have? your blade is lodged in a skull. no, a big stick with a spike on the end of it, that’s the one.

    • The problem with melee weapons is eventually you will get tired from exerting the force to thrust your pike through a zombie and pull it out. Obviously, you are only killing zombies at close range so I don’t feel like accuracy is gonna be a question with a handgun. Even if I need 2 bullets to kill each zombie I could kill 8 without reloading, and I could do it with very little effort and much faster than anyone could jab a pike through 8 zombie skulls. I also think a firearm gives you a better chance of survival with several zombies are coming at you at once.

  35. rap machine no diggidy no doubt

    a pike with a detachable club end. you could strike/pierce from distance and it doesnt need to be reloaded. find yourself in close quarters detach the club end and dleiver some blunt force trauma. i really cant think of a better weapon. with a pike being stuck up a tree becomes adventageous, assuming you’re facing a finite no. of corpses.

  36. “Wouldn’t a pistol have worked better than a stick…”

    I agree, and anyone who thinks they are going to use a machete to dispatch the undead instead of a firearm is certainly the victim of “…ego, testosterone and fantasy…”. Just because “blades don’t need reloading” doesn’t mean they are a superior weapon by any means.

    • I don’t think the real reason guns are low on the “list” is ammo. I think it has more to do with ringing the dinner bell each time you pop a cap in a zombie. I would certainly pack some heat in a zombie infestation, but using the guns would be a last choice. I would also assume that Blaga was not trying to kill the guy, not truley kill him as any of us would be doing when faced with an attacking zombie. I am 100% sure that if I hit someone, living or zombie, in the head with a baseball bat with the intent to kill them, they would never get back up. I am also fully aware that if I was faced with 20 dead guys clammering for my flesh, a bat would only allow me to take a couple of the out while the rest crowded in for the buffet. I think the best weapon would greatly depend on the situation at hand. I can say without a doubt I will not be waving a chainsaw out the window of a smart car!!!

      • I’m an American, and for me, ammunition isn’t really a problem… I’ve got a Romanian WASR AK-47 with a few 40 round mags and a couple 75 round drums *(all competently made, thank god) and I buy 7.62 ammunition whenever I can.. All in all, I’ve got about 10,000 rounds around the house, most in the basement for just any scenario. I don’t think I’d worry too much.

        • how are you planning on transporting all that ammo if you need to change locations? stockpiling is a good idea, but mobility should always play a factor.

      • I was saying the problem wasn’t ammo, just to be clear. I was saying a 45 min session of blasting away at zombies would just bring in more zombies.

      • Considering the fact that with your adreniline rushing everytime you engage in a fight with a zombie, your muscles would be pumping and your reaction time would be a lot quicker, your hearing would be more enhanced too.

      • Dont forget enhanced eyesight cody

  37. I agree fantasy doesn’t belong but testosterone could provide any male trying to survive the undead a rare opportunity for a morale boost.. Besides this story sounds more of the “pick your battles” rather than choose your weapons.. I imagined going into an infested mall with a hammer bad idea but chainsaw good.. Good story though

    • “I imagined going into an infested mall with a hammer bad idea but chainsaw good”
      Jesus, a chainsaw? What a terrible choice of weapon. The noise of the chainsaw, the oil needed to power it, the weight, you wouldn’t last an hour with just a chainsaw in a zombie infested mall.

      • If by any chance he manages to get inside the mall, assuming there aren’t any other zombies outside, that would be a good momentary strategy. If the zombies are ‘runners’ you could choose a thight place, a corner, from which they can’t flank you and let them charge at your chain. If they’re crawlers, just walk close enough to get a kill.

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