When the dead rise your ability to purify water for drinking will likely dictate whether you live or die.  Though water purification methods about, most require prior planning and knowledge.  That’s why new findings coming out of Brazil are so encouraging.

LiveScience reports that when it comes to creating clean drinking water, the common banana may be just what we need.  Researchers at São Paulo State University discovered compounds in banana peels are able to naturally bind with toxins in the water, thereby removing them.

In fact, minced banana peels performed as well or better at removing certain heavy metals than many other more traditional filtering substances.

Though the banana peel method is not yet ready to be used outside of a lab setting, with researchers going out of their way to caution against trying it at home, it is an encouraging new development that should be watched closely.


  1. I’m pretty lucky, in that there are several spring heads in the area that I live! The population is also pretty low!

  2. Marty, that’s not necessarily true. You are right in that the banana peel would not offer any help if the water were only contaminated with the virus, but boiling water effectively kills every living contaminant in it so the virus would be neutralized; however, in the event of a zombie apocalypse, all shit will break loose and the possibility of other, non-living, contaminants is very high in which case the banana peel method will provide useful.

  3. Great info! I imagine there will be enough bottled water to last the first ten years or so of an outbreak – depending on how many actually survive – but good to know there are other options that don’t require electricity. I will keep my eyes peeled for more new developments.

  4. that would be great but when zombies attack where will we get banana’s in canada.

    good thing if movies have thought us anything, zombies dont attack canada, just USA and Europe.


  5. It would seem like the most likely cause of contaminated water would be bacterial, not heavy metals. So in that case, the banana peels would offer no help.

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