Picking the worst zombie movie of all time is as hard as picking the best.  Ultimately it’s a question of personal taste, but one film that is certainly worth a mention is the 1986 debacle, Raiders of the Living Dead.

Starring Scott Schwartz of The Toy fame, and featuring homemade laser guns and public domain Three Stooges footage, this stinker has a poster stolen from Star Wars, a title stolen from Indiana Jones, and a plot stolen from the mind of a two year old.

What other zombie movies do you think should be in the running for this dubious award?


  1. Zombie Farm!

  2. What’s bad is that some of the awful zombie movies out there are only that way because of lack of $$$$. It’s kind of fun to watch them and see where it could have been a kick ass flick if more money could have been thrown at it. Then of course the are those that never had a chance!

  3. I would have agree with the persion who mentioned Zombiez and I would nominate:
    Alien Dead
    Living a zombie’s dream
    Pot zombies

  4. wait what your saying there is bad zombie movie out there, to my brain they are all good…

  5. Sorry hands down the WORST ZED MOVIES EVER!!!!! ” The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!? ”
    My wife and i love campy bad movies the more troma vision the better, corn syrup blood? cool we eat waffles while watching. Cheesy gore? Spaghetti and meat sauce… But the Incredibly… was so bad we couldnt even finish watching it. I mean WOW this was a load of just aweful…

  6. Children of The Living Dead.

    Everybody involved with that movie should be put in prison.

    Sorry, Tom. That includes you.

  7. I Eat Your Skin.


    Terrible acting, no plot line, painful dialogue, and no gore whatsoever. With a title like that. There was no skin eating of any kind. No one even chewed their fingernails. Freakin’ bait and switch.

  8. Romero’s latest, “Survival of the Dead”, was pretty terrible. Mostly I thought it was just woefully disappointing…

  9. Zombie Geddon hands down worst movie ever made. The only thing worth anything in this movie is Tom Savini has a very short cammeo at the start & it in its self is just a shameless plug at a (Yeah thats right im Tom Savini) type thing.. lol

  10. I vote for “Rise of the Dead” because it was marketed as a zombie film, but pulled a kind of bait-and-switch.

    I wrote this thing about it when I was furious:


  11. I had a few in mind, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I kind of enjoy the really crappy zombie movies! HardRock Zombies, anyone?

  12. i would have to say Colin is the worst zombie movie ever made in the history of zombie movies. its about 2 hours of nothing but shoddy camera angles from a cheap camera following a guy with pale makeup and red cornsyrup on his face transform into a zombie and his actions of being a zombie. i was so pissed when i rented this movie i was ready to write the people that made it just to tell them i will never forgive them for taking 2 hours of my life and how bad it sucked.

  13. Zombie Campout! (on Netflix on demand if you are curious) its just a terrible excuse for a B-movie that is scripted like a porno, lol!

  14. Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things. THAT WAS CRAP!!!!!!

  15. I would have to say Redneck Zombies, which was crap……also have to agree with all of the other mentioned so far too.

  16. The Dead Next Door was pretty horrid.

  17. As a connoisseur of crappy zombie movies… I have a few to nominate. Zombiez is horrible, nearly unwatchable. Zombies Anonymous angered me so bad that I had to quit watching it (took me 3 tries to get it finished). Zombie Honeymoon is a romance movie featuring an undead husband… also pretty horrible. On the flip side…. Special Dead is so crappy that it’s one of my faves. The undead attack a camp for handicapped kids…. hilarity ensues. I’m gonna have to track this one down…

    • Special Dead?? I thought that it was made that up at first but OMG I watched the trailer. My husband doesn’t like zombie movies (he “claims”) but he said he would definately watch this if we could rent it or something. I think I may have to try and track it down myself…

  18. I was thinking Return of the Living Dead 2!

  19. Have you seen Bio-Zombie or even Day Of The Dead II? Both of them are horrible and whereas the former knows it is a joke, the latter is full of stars and is (un)dead serious…

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