Last Sunday’s season 1 finale of AMC’s zombie series, The Walking Dead, scored higher ratings in the coveted 18-49 demographic than any drama series in the history of basic cable, with a whopping 6 million viewers.

Hollywood news outlet, The Wrap, had this to say about the monumental success:

“Mad Men and Breaking Bad brought AMC awards, prestige, and the wealthy, well-educated audience that most networks would envy, but The Walking Dead has given the network the one thing it didn’t have: a flat-out hit.”

Congrats to everyone involved in this groundbreaking program.  We’re crossing our fingers for some well deserved awards hopefully coming its way in the near future, and can’t wait for next season!

Look for several upcoming articles here about the science and survival techniques behind The Walking Dead, as well as coverage on the best and worst aspects of the show.


  1. Luckily if you do what most people don’t do today (which is read), there are 80 issues of the comic (only printed in black and white) to see the whole reason for the series. Incredible stories, slight cast changes for the show, but overall, pretty darn close to Robert Kirkman’s comic. The collections can be found at any book store.

  2. Im going to sit on the fence with this series. There were good scenes in it and overall I enjoyed it but some scenes were damn right stupid. I mean lets all sit round the campfire enjoying the moment, no defence measures, nothing and in walked the walkers…mmm stupid is

  3. A year is a long time to wait. I would rather have a good show than an unfinished one. I’m so happy this show is a hit. Luckily its going to be 13 episodes nest season.

  4. Sadly I hear that Season 2 is not going to air until October 2011 to coincide with AMC’s Fear Fest just like season 1 did. I hate it when AMC waits a year between seasons!

  5. I’d love to watch this show. Is there any way I can catch up on previous episodes on the internet? Links to videos would be perfect!

    • If you google project free tv and go to the tv shows section, search the walking dead, you can see all 6 episodes for free, streamed on the site. It’s how I saw the show, i was deployed overseas when it was released

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