Robert Kirkman is the brains and talent behind The Walking Dead graphic novel and television series, a project he’s been working on for the past seven years.  With that in mind, you’d think he’d have a well established zombie survival plan in his back pocket, and you’d be right. 

In a recent interview with ZRS Head, Matt Mogk, Kirkman confirmed that he’s thought a lot about what he would do if caught in a real-life zombie outbreak, but his plan isn’t what you might expect.

“At the first sign of zombies I’d jump off the tallest building I could find.”

He went on to explain that far from being a natural survivor, he tends to be on the overweight and lazy side of life (his words).

No doubt Kirkman’s time spent writing about the endless difficulties of trying to live in an undead world contributes to his outlook.  The coming zombie plague won’t be like a video game.  It won’t be fun, and it won’t be easy.

The full interview will appear in an upcoming book about zombie culture.  The details of that project to be announced soon!


  1. My plan involves me running and me tripping a lot of people running beside me. Sorry guys Zombie survival ISN’T a team sport (At least not in the initial hours of the outbreak)

  2. 1# Create a weapon, preferably a crude polearm, to reduce blood reaching me.
    2# Solitary for a while, avoiding human contact.
    3# Reaserch, Find out the strongest members of other groups, and attempt to persuade them to join you
    4# Scavenge, Never go into a fresh spot, incase looters or a hostile group is already there picking out fresh.

  3. Ok my strategy is get my hands on a 12 gauge shotgun and head to Russia man. despite what this website has said i already have things planned out as for a team ill just improvise that. many of you will call me crazy but you have to know me to know that this plan is something that will work. Robert Kirkman’s plan is a plan enacted by the week and those who are weak will be the first to go.
    Rule #1 Double Tap
    Rule #2 Know Your Enemy
    Rule #3 Have a Plan
    Rule #4 Stay Away From Hospitals and Schools
    Rule #5 Follow Rules 1-4 And Your Golden

  4. OMG he must be rich… his strategy should be to get a barett .50 cal and at least 500 rds in addition to at least enough food to last him to start farming and a riot suit… deffinitly need a riot suit

  5. i would just hide on top of a sky scraper with absailing equipment and a sniper rifle and just hunt them with all the essancial supplys (i know i have bad spelling)

  6. Guys, c’mon… how many of us have put together a BOB (Bug-Out-Bag) or Zombie Response Kit ?? I have.. unfortunately, due to the draconian laws in the UK which I have to abide by, firearms are a bit of a non-starter… but I certainly plan to live and carry on.. its expected of us.. with further education of the masses we CAN win the war when it comes…

  7. I would love to take them down with me. Nuke would be awesome to die from, but if i can not get my hands on one, Dead Man Switch, that should be enough said for those that know bombs. =D

  8. I think he’s looking at this the wrong way. Its really a weight loss and excersize plan.

  9. As much as I’d like to go out with a bang, i’m not sure if I’d want to die from being eaten alive. If I were to kill myself and want to take some ghouls with me, I’d definately go for some sort of strapped explosive device.

  10. In the event of a zombie outbreak

    Rule #1 Cardio!!

    Rule #2 Double Tap! (ok this is really rule #4 but I have watched enough zombie movies too know that this should be in the top two!)

    Rule #3 Beware of bathrooms

    Rule #4 Seatbelts

    C’mon Mr. Kirkman! In the event of a zombie plague, the survivors could use your resources and knowledge!

    • Hardlinemarxist

      “C’mon Mr. Kirkman! In the event of a zombie plague, the survivors could use your resources and knowledge!”

      Just what I was thinking…selfish bastard

  11. Survive!!! And do everything in my power to do so. I think that’s all anyone could do. The best laid plans will always have a drawback. Such as having all your gear and supplies ready, only to be at work when it happens and the town you live in is ground zero…..just do your best to survive

  12. This is exactly what the real survivors want… the more people that die and don’t become zombies the less we will have to deal with.

  13. Meh, if I was going to kill myself run into a horde with a few weapons and take a few with me 🙂

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