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We’re excited to announce that legendary director, George A. Romero, has become the newest member of the Zombie Research Society Advisory Board.

Romero invented the modern zombie genre with his 1968 classic, Night of the Living Dead, and continues to be at the forefront of the movement.

He joins a ZRS Board that includes PhD neuroscientists, bestselling authors, esteemed professors, film scholars and ex-military personnel.

No one on the planet is more closely associated with the zombie movie and pop culture craze, and no one has done more to foster respect and enthusiasm for the genre.

Needless to say we are completely beside ourselves by this fantastic development.



  1. Well I can officially take that off my xmas list. Now onto Danny Boyle!

  2. Matt, you were incredible at ZomBcon, and I know all it took was asking him, but with out you Ever starting the ZRS there are some of us who would have never had the chance to meet George himself. George is a very kind man and I am BEYOND honored that he has said yes and joined our Society

  3. Bitchen’, that’s all I got, the “Man” has joined the fold!

  4. Welcome aboard, Mr Romero!!

  5. Very glad to see George on the panel now.Wish we could have got him aboard earlier but better late than never! Welcome home George from the Omaha ZRS!!

  6. I would like to welcome Mr. Romero to ZRS. It is a huge honor to me as a 1%er to know he has joined the advisory board.

    I would also like to congratulate ZRS Staff members for gaining another prestigious member to the advisory board. We have an impressive group of leaders, the greatest minds on the subject.

  7. Ooh, great news! Not only is he basically ‘The Godfather’ he’s also a really nice chap too. Looking forward to reading his contributions!

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