With a name like the Dead On Annihilator, this beauty seems custom made for killing zombies.  Designed as a multi-purpose demolition hammer, it’s short enough for close quarters combat (either 14″ or 18″), and heavy enough to inflict some real damage (4.2 lbs).

ZRS Phoenix Chapter President, Zoe Mora, picked his up at Home Depot for $40 and couldn’t be happier with the purchase, calling it, “the ultimate backup zombie melee weapon.”

Potential issues with the edged side and sharpened base include getting stuck in unwanted places, or dulling to the point of uselessness.  But with dozens on practical non-combat uses, and going for almost half the cost of many traditional wrecking bars, the Dead On Annihilator is a smart addition to any zombie survival kit.

What’s your suggestion for best budget zombie weapon?



  2. It would be a great tool to have on hand, but as a weapon? Only if i had nothing else, lol. My 1st choice of weapon would have to be a 30 rd SKS with the spike bayonet. Why an SKS you ask? Easy, its semiauto so nothing to do but pull the trigger, the ammo is cheap and easy to come by and most important it has a secondary weapon already attached. As for a backup weapon I would have to say a warhammer with at least a 5 foot handle for holding, sweeping or slowing zombies until a better solution presented itself, sometimes you just need to be able to stall to get out of a bad situation. 😉

  3. I would say that I suck with Guns because I dont aim well. My weapon of choice is a sturdy Bokken/wooden training sword. Reasons: 1. it wont get stuck in a tree 2. pointy enough to put through an eye socket 3. most likely able to be carved for a sharper weapon.

    Supplies from my point: 1. swiss army knife 2. weapon 3. food 4. water 5. chuck norris 6. truck

    Places of my point: 1. roof of walmart 2. home depot

  4. It also includes a bottle opener, which is a must in any apocalypse!

  5. My Wife and I just returned from Home Depot, I must admit the Annihilator is an excellence choice of weapon/survival tool. The Clerk at Home Depot was entertained from our conversation about the use of the tool.

  6. ummmm i think u would need ta use ONLY melee weapons b cus if u use other loud weapons (i.e shotgun, pistols, etc) wouldnt u attract others to ur position less Zs less danger am i right?

    • I would say that fire arms are the only way to go because it is just not practical to try to use a melee weapon as your primary agains zombies. Putting yourself within arms reach is not the best idea when a single scratch or bite would kill you. It is strictly a back up weapon IMO

  7. i just picked one up at home depot. looks like the price is now lower at $29.95 for the 18″ model. it exudes zombie killing awesomeness!

  8. Yes, the Dead On Annihilator is a great multi-purpose tool. I also like the Hooligan tool although it is more expensive than the Dead On so maybe it would not be considered a true budget weapon.

  9. I’d still prefer a spear. You get medium range and can penetrate easily through an eye socket. Can also be spun around and used as a staff to bash in skulls if thick enough.

    • My short spear will do that easy, and it’s blunt!

      Seriously, never underestimate the damage a reenactment weapon can do, as it’s still a weapon! If anything, they’re ideal for zombies as all you need to do is inflict blunt force trama on the brain to disable them.

  10. for some reason, FB is blocking me from sharing this

  11. the only problem with using a rifle or shotgun as melee weapon is that after you bash their head in wth the butt of the gun, you will get zombie guts (and their germs) on you’re shoulder.

  12. a sword,shield,spears and dagger. perfect melee weapon of all.
    no need to reload just slash it! ahah!

  13. The PMR-30 pistol chambered in .22WMR. The PMR-30 is a double stack semiautomatic pistol that has a 30 round magazine. Thats a small caliber round going over 2000 feet per second from a affordable pistol. The rounds are light allowing you to carry a combat vest and belt with large number of loaded magazines and extra boxes of ammo in your backpack take up less room. For a rifle any common caliber that you are comfortable with. Shotguns for meduim range with buck shot and or slugs close to 250 meters as it will take a head,leg or arm off or put a hole the size a fist in anyone. extremely short shotguns are great to clear door ways.

  14. a couple of points… for those shotgun carriers out there the original bayonet was just a knife with the handle shoved into the barrel of a gun so in a pinch you can create a short spear.
    also as previously pointed out fighting a group with something of limited length like this one would be in the “bad idea” it looks useful enough on a one on one or maybe even two on one but not that much better than the average claw hammer or a tire iron… if you are on the move keep weight in mind as well as utility… movement is life when in the mud and the blood after all

  15. You know, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on this one, and I’ve decided that if your methods are to disable individual zombies with melee weapons or ranged weapons that use ammo, you are pretty much doomed to fail. There will be millions of them, and you will never have enough ammo or stamina to deal with a good sized swarm.
    In my tactical simulations, a sturdy household laundry hamper has proven one of the most effective escape tools: a durable, lightweight shoving plow that affords simple protection for your forearms from bites and grasping during use. I was able to keep 8 humans acting as a shuffler pack at bay until I could maneuver to escape.
    With weapons like the Dead-on here, I am still concerned about range, sticking, and potentially infectious splatter.

    • What do you mean laundry hamper? How would you use it? You need to post a demo Tou tube video of yourself keeping the Zs at bay.

  16. da zombie annihilater is beast

  17. Another good possibility would be an ice axe, the kind that mountain climbers use when they get particularly high.

    Of course, when preparing for the zombie apocalypse, always think range first. You can’t be zombie food if they can’t get close enough to get their teeth into you. A well built shotgun or rifle may be able to double as a melee weapon with just a few tweaks. If your ranged weapon is also your melee weapon, you don’t have to worry about carying something else, either as extra weight or as something to potentially snag as you’re running through close quarters. Also, if you’re suddenly surprised by a target much closer than you thought, your melee weapon is already in your hands.

  18. Not to keen on the lenth of this thing………..

  19. There is a blade that’s called the “bushman’s pal” that looks pretty sweet for zombie exterminatin purposes.

  20. I like! The claw side looks a LOT shorter then the FUBAR. Less likely to stick I would think.

  21. You can also buy them online from the Dead On website.

  22. This looks like a prototype of the LOBO mentioned in World War Z
    LOBO obviously stands for Lobotomizer
    Great Weapon!

    • Max Brook’s LOBO kinda always bothered me…
      …Marines don’t invent stuff. We just find news ways to kill things with crap we already have!
      Why would we make something new for the breakout of WW-z when we’ve had the perfect zombie killing combo in our arsenal since 1775?
      …The rifle and bayonet!
      Long fight, close fight, kick-ass and loud or kick-ass and quiet.
      All weather, all situations… Any clime and place.
      And I think we’re the only branch to still train with it after bootcamp… The army does have some nice kevlar headbutt techniques though!

  23. The Stanley FuBar Utility bar looks useful too.

    • I just checked that out. The #3 even looks longer and doen’t look like it would get hung up in a skull as easily as the Dead On. I like it!

  24. Ill take 2!!

  25. Wow, I wish I lived in the states and was old enough to get one.

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