A recent article in LiveScience Magazine points out that mass extinctions of species throughout history have served as global reset buttons, allowing the earth to refresh and renew itself.  In fact many scientists argue that humans are speeding up this process through overpopulation and climate change, and we may end up on the endangered species list before too long.

ZRS Member, Kelly Doyle, suggests that zombies could be a magic bullet to save the planet:

“When the dead rise there will be no need for a new ice age to destroy the millions of different animals and plants living in harmony.  Man will simply eat itself out of the equation, and the rest of the world can go on like we were never there in the first place.”

Instead of an earth-shattering natural or man made catastrophe, zombies would be a low impact option for the earth to protect itself from all-out collapse.  In this scenario, mankind is the infecting parasite that has upset the delicate global balance, and zombies are the best solution.

So when the first walking corpse starts clawing at your front door, don’t assume that there’s no more room in hell.  It might just be that that mother nature is sick and tired of allowing humans to create hell on earth.  Moan-moan.  Chomp-comp.  Problem solved.



  1. Well can’t it be a reset button for humanity also If half the earth dies and half survives I’d love to help rebuild civilization.Not going down with out a fight.

  2. I’m still not goin’ out like that!!!

  3. Sounds like something a no-good pinko hippie would say, and hippies don’t like violence. Just another segment of society that will fall in the zompacalypse. Just kidding, so don’t get angry and protest me hippies. Do you think there will be any anti-war protests when the war is against the undead? The only enemy since the Nazis that doesn’t rely on your political opinion to call the enemy. Them and the Redcoats….

  4. The probability of that is 50/50 because the chance that the zombie may eat you but what about all the dead rotting carcases laying on the ground after who’s going to bury them the animals? no they will probalily sit there till something happens like a tornado or it turns to dust or maybe after thousands of years humans or animals will go through evolution and end up like us and dig up the bones or have some fosail fuel and the process repeats it self (or im just watching to many zombie movies or life after people show T-T )

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