In a recent joint study by Boston University and Harvard University, researchers found that drug resistant bacteria, called “supermutants”, are able to protect weaker members of their bacterial population by producing massive levels of a special substance that promotes survival in harsh environments.

Most striking about this behavior is that these supermutants are not acting in their own self interest, but in the interest of the group at large.  Study lead, James Collins, explains:

“This altruistic behavior supports a growing body of evidence that suggests single-celled organisms act as communities.”

Because it’s widely believed that the undead sickness lives on a cellular level, this new finding gives further weight to the theory that zombies are propelled forward by hundreds of millions of microscopic agents, each acting out their individual mission for the greater good of the whole.  Blood flow, brain function and motor skills may all be controlled in this manner.

So the next time you chop off a zombie’s legs, don’t be surprised when it just keeps coming.  It’s likely that any one part of the body will be more than happy to provide a bloody distraction, and dull your ax, as long as the rest of the ghoul gets a chance to make you a meal.



  1. Woah. Holy doo doo.

  2. Some animales infected with rabies display unusual behavior other than just being mean. A report of a man stalked by a fox for three days ended in the fox simply getting close enough to bite the man and run away. The fox’s motive was to spread the disease and that’s all, meaning the sickness itself is acting to keep itself alive. If zombies were truly interested in only “eating brains” all victims of zombie attack would be rendered useless as far as becoming infected because the brain would be destroyed or at least the body so badly damaged that the resulting zombie would be immobile….so they would bite not only to feed but to keep the infection alive.

  3. Not cool…

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