We’ve already touched on several reasons why zombie blood likely flows through the undead body, but most compelling might be the brain’s constant hunger for blood to continue working properly.  Even if zombies function at a substantially reduced capacity to their human counterparts, the amount of blood used on a constant basis is staggering.

In his talk at TEDxBerkeley 2010, Neurscientist Bradley Voytek, Ph.D., explains:

“20% of the blood that comes out of the heart goes into the brain. So with every heartbeat there is so much blood that goes into the brain that it actually pulses.”

To put this in perspective, an adult male dedicates up to 500% more blood to his brain than it should require by weight.

Until a credible scientific theory is developed to explain how the zombie brain might survive without some level of blood hydration, the evidence suggests that blood continues to be a key player in the undead system.

Watch a living human brain pulsing with blood at the 9:31 minute mark of Voytek’s talk.



  1. I think we are already zombies….
    Go to work at a shitty job. come home, eat shit gmo food, watch tv, play video games, on the internet, get in our hampster elipticle machine. Get drunk or high pass out. Repeat

  2. so with this theory it it were true zombies would still bleed out if hemoraging didn’t stop

  3. I personally theorize that if the brain is so important to the zombie then the brain must also be active, So in extension, the parts the brains control must also be active. However, the human brain is infinitely complex and expecting a virus of some sort to completely control it is dificult to believe (however not impossible.) i now suggest that the virus may control some simple hindbrain functions, like the medulla or pons. Things that’ll keeo the body (or virus) alive, which is the goal of the virus, survival. But with the basic systems open, the hypothalamus, a big player in eating my also be active, explaining the zombie’s nasty hunger habit. the lateral hypothalamus could be active to keep it alive, but the ventimetial hypothalamus, being deemed unimportant by the virus, may not be.

  4. I suggest those who keep sayin’ “Zombies ain’t real” to just chill out! F course they ain’t real, we just havin’ fun with that crap! and zombies do graze fresh flesh not blood! man zombies are complex! ;D

  5. so does this mean that their is a chance that a good old fashioned meat cleaver to the neck could possibly work? i mean that’s what i read although i could just be hearing what i want to.

    • And if lack of blood flow to the brain does kill a zombie, then I guess if you’re chopping their heads off you should only have to set the head upright on the ground to allow the blood to drain out right?

    • according to this if you were to sever the carotid arteries in the neck or even just cuz off blood flow through the such as a rear naked or triangle choke this would kill the zombie

  6. Is it the blood that is necessary or is it the oxygen the blood carries? If the answer is just the oxygen, then there could be other methods of oxygenation like a virus that carries the oxygen to the brain… or that gaping head wound. :>)

  7. NOTE: This article does not suggest that the zombie heart is beating, only that blood is likely flowing. It is widely accepted that zombie hearts are not beating, which is what makes them undead. But blood flow can be driven by many other forces, as explored in the zombie blood theory section of this blog.

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