We’ve already touched on the potential dangers of a new method of liquifying corpses used by at least one crematory in the United States, but another trend in the environmental movement may prove even more disastrous in the fight against the undead.

Natural burials avoid the negative environmental impact of standard burial and cremation practices. The body isn’t embalmed, a quick-rotting wood casket replaces steel, and the hole is dug a shallow 3.5 feet deep, rather than the traditional 6 feet.  All of this allows the newly deceased to return to the earth rapidly, and with little or no residual impact.

This greener process may also ruin the viability of one of the safest places to hide in an urban zombie outbreak: the cemetery.

Because zombies cannot rise from traditional cemetery plots, many experts have suggested seeking out the nearest graveyard when caught outside with the undead about. But if the people buried therein are no longer drained of their blood, treated with toxic chemicals, and encased in a metal tomb yards under ground, all bets may be off. 

The New Ecologist offers this illustration of the two burial styles side-by-side:



  1. Resident Evil Apocalypse also showed zombies returning from the grave. I believe that series was unbelievable (at it’s best)

  2. I personally don’t think the virus will infect posthumously but we won’t know for sure until it happens. Plus, most bodies that are “buried green” will decompose so quickly that only the most recent will be viable as zombies. Finally, from what I hear about this burgeoning practice they usually use rural fields to start all green cemeteries, not already established locations. However, as in all cases, we will probably just have to wait and see. Stay vigilant my friends.

  3. The Simpsons had zombies rising from the grave but that would be more of a yellow burial.

  4. Unless they’re already infected when they’re berried I see no problem in the green method

  5. If they are already dead before the zombie plague comes I don’t think we need to worry….. After it starts the last thing most people are going to worry about is burying them. So seems rather moot to me.

  6. Unless the source of the zombies is a necromancer, I don’t see this being a major problem. Even if they manage to bury a zombie before it gets up, I doubt it will get out, but instead the danger will be when digging, possible it being something to restart a zombie outbreak.

  7. the only zombie movie to portray corpses rising OUT of the ground is i believe Return of the Living Dead. Not too sure about the popularity of a “green burial” so I dont think there would be much to worry about here.

  8. Putting zombies aside for a moment, if they chose to go through with this way of burying, grave robbing would go up. That’s the whole reason they started burying people deeper and in heavier caskets.

  9. Hippies are going to be the end of all of us lol

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