We’ve already touched on the value that solar power will  have on a zombie planet.  Now one small town is taking major step towards keeping the lights on when the dead rise.

On the edge of the Mojave Desert, the town of Nipton, California is almost completely powered by an 80-kilowatt solar installation.  When the rest of the world is plunged into the dark ages, Nipton will still have all the comforts of modern life.  Solar power means easy refrigeration, water purification and pumping, tool recharging, weapons manufacturing, and enhanced food production and procurement.  Furthermore, Nipton’s isolated location and rugged population of just 250 make it even more ideal for zombie survival.

One potential danger is the unwanted attention electric lights can attract, signaling desperate humans and zombies from great distances in every direction.  But the natural defenses of an expansive landscape, and the heavily armed population, suggests that Nipton is an example of the kind of community that could make it through the worst of the coming zombie plague.

Is your town up to the challenge?



  1. You’d be better off up north in the cold country…the zombies would freeze in the winter…there’d be no physical way to avoid that.

    • zombies dont freeze buddy. your more likely to get sick then them ever freezing. they are cold already. better to have a good warm location where u can relocate when needed

      • Uh ever read the zombie survival guide? If humans can freeze, and corpses can freeze, zombies can too. Plus zombies don’t have the compfort of making a fire, or the knowlage to do so, and they will be outside for most of the time. While they may not feel the cold, they will be affected by it.

  2. true WARING TO ALL PEOPLE DONT GO TO THE MILITARY THEY WILL SHOT YOU FOR ‘SAFTEY PRECAUTIONS’ AND CRAP my plan? get supplies and GET THE EFF OUT OF THERE because the army will make things worse kill people unfairly quarantine the area even if you are clean and after giving it a half effort they will say ‘ehhh whatever’ and bomb that place like hiroshima

    • bombing cities sounds like a romantic view however with every destroyied city that killing your own industrail centers. never a good military tatic or political one for that matter. espiecally not during the great panic.

      if you try to escape in the first day you will only fan the flames of the great panic. stay indoors till things cool over where it is with a doubt in my mind. safe.

  3. my town might survive if they work together(even tho most people say its a bad idea) becouse we’re all red necks, hunters, and we could get power from wind tubines and gas wells recently put up in the area (if there is time for the wells to start pumping) and there aint many of us that actually live in town and there is alot of woods and mountains. ever one has guns and every one stocks up on food. i already have a plan to make a small safe zone on the top of the mountain were there are already a couple houses with supplys to start bording up and if we work hard and get the right resources from the surounding that i already know were to find we could make a wall that zombies couldent get threw(mainly buses and rigs and large vehicles like that for the main stucture of the wall) so after that we could start searching houses in town with small search groups to find food wepons and more survivores that will work to gether and contribute to the survival plus most of us here are laborer or have the training to labore so it would just come down to rallying together and working hard for the inicial infection. and while the surching goes on ill have my best enginers working on a bus that is fast, good on gas, and has armor so some or most of us could escape in the case of a zombie overrun of the safe zone.

  4. bit o advice, look at the military they r probably going 2 bomb the landscape to shit

    • not so. The military knows its job is to limit civilean calisuties. bombing cities or anything for that matter is destroying yor own bases. your own men and industrail centers.

  5. ha, that’s where i am going!

  6. I still advocate the sustainability and defensibility of an island with a large generator. Get some seeds and water purification devices and you’re set to wait out the pandemic.

  7. If the 36,457,549 people that reside in the California area, (3,694,820 in LA alone) get infected!!! I’m pretty sure Nipton will turn their lights off as not to attract too much attention for sure.

    • Very true. But to be clear, Los Angeles is 231 miles from Nipton. Nipton is on the edge of the massive Mojave Desert, a place where essentially no one lives. So they do have clear advantages.

      • First sir let me say it is an honor if not a privilege to speak to you even if only through the computer. I greatly admire everything you have created.

        My name is Will Morgan of The Houston chapter. While I am new and young, Zombie research is my obsession since I was little. I am willing to work hard to provide useful information to the society and all of mankind.

        I have this island that is an hour away from my home called Glavaston, Texas. The more I look at it the more prefect it appears. Each building is a fortress (on stilts in case of floods.) The coastal shelf between the island and the main land is not wide but it is very deep. They have oil processing plants on land and oil platforms off the coast. Here is a large local fishing operation in the area. And dilution plants can be set up.

        The only problem with Glavaston I keep coming back to is the wave of survivors who saw one zombie film in their life who will swarm it and the legendary bridge. I was hoping we could set up a safe house reserved for a ZRS base of operations. It’s the only safe place in the entire state of Texas

  8. Justin Andryjowicz

    Well, at first this sounds like a fantastic idea, except that I think one of our chief advantages over zombies will be mobility. Regardless of how remote/dry/etc. the landscape is, zombies will eventually come in. And if you consider California has a population over 7 million, even if only a tiny fraction make it to the town, that’s still several thousand zombies to take care of, and thats not including whats coming from Nevada/Arizona/etc. However, I think that just brings up one of the chief arguments of zombie survival…..Mobility vs. Entrenched Defense

    • I have been thinking of that myself. Which would be best, mobile or stable? Mobile will help keep your distance but you also carry with you the risks of your vehicles breaking down and less room for supplies. However you attract less attention if you do not sit in once spot and you can always find more stuff while your out. Staying in one spot may attract unwanted attention, but that is nothing a 50 cal browning couldnt fix =] haha. plus more supplies can be kept in a stable spot and as long as its well fortified and manned. you can sleep well at night =]

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