Located in rural Illinois, the Cahokia Mounds is a historic Native American ruin consisting of 120 large man-made hills spread across several square miles.  It’s the largest archaeological site of the ancient Mississippian culture that inhabited that region more than five centuries before the first Europeans arrived.

Though the Cohokia people didn’t leave any written records, excavated evidence suggests they may have experienced an ancient zombie outbreak.

Mound number 72 looks much like the others on its surface, but archaeologists recovered more than 250 full and partial skeletons of men, women and children who appear to have been violently executed.  Some are missing their hands and skulls.  More disturbing is the finding that many were even buried while still alive, showing signs that they attempted to claw their way out of the pile of bodies.  Researchers have no clear explanation for the mass burial of living people, an unusual practice by a normally peaceful people.

Were the Cahokieans victims of a small-scale zombie attack that lead to the violent beheading and hasty burial of hundreds of their own tribe turned into raving ghouls?  Did the undead threat make itself known in middle America hundreds of years before colonists passed through the region?  As with most questions about zombies, more research is required.


  1. I didn’t mean exaggerated like made up what I meant was ancient people not knowing about viruses would turn to mystical reasons for what was happening even though it was a virus. that was all I meant.

  2. I think the zombie virus has been around for a long time. there are accounts of zombie like incidents throughout history some are exaggerated accounts of a real threat so it is possible.

  3. wow that’s deep, but true. Most people say zombies are just a legend. I say BS, Evidence proves otherwise and they will be back, only we will be readier then ever.

  4. Having grown up not to far from Chahokia Mounds, a visit to the information center reveals that archeologists still have yet to discover a reason that this large tribe of of upwards of 15,000 people just went POOF!

  5. the dead shall rise again and cause the living societies to burn to the ground but from the ashes the chosen shall rise as phoenixes and annihalate the undead as they were meant to and be write the new history books as the world once again becomes repopulated as has been done for centuries

  6. maybe the possibility of it being another tribe who forced them to make these structure then killed them and buried them in one.. i do not know if there was a much more violent tribe in the area but i think the chances are quite good

  7. This is amazing. If this is true, then we will have actual proof that zombies have existed at one point, and means they will happen again. This is amazing.

  8. I’d just like to point out you have a typo in your last paragraph, first word.

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