Archeologists excavating ancient Roman ruins recently uncovered a mysterious lead coffin weighing almost 1,000 pounds.  Not only is the metal slab bizarrely heavy, but its also folded over its encased corpse like a “burrito”.

Some baffled experts speculate that a notable figure from the 3rd Century AD must have been given the rare honor of a sheet-metal burial, but others speculate the coffin was meant not as an honor, but to keep the dead man from getting out.

Managing Director of the project, Jeffrey Becker, points out just how little is known about the find:

“All we can say so far about the contents is that the lead wrapping contains a human skeleton — or at least a portion thereof — as there is visible bone at the open, foot-end of the sarcophagus.”

What makes the discovery all the more strange is that Romans were not normally buried in coffins at all, and when they were it was always wooden.

Because the Romans didn’t embalm their dead, instead burying the washed body in a shallow grave, it stands to reason that a zombie from that era would have no trouble clawing back the surface.

Clearly, there is no evidence of a widespread zombie outbreak in ancient Rome, but if a traveling warrior or nobleman did return home with an unknown sickness that caused him to slowly die then rise from his grave, this mysterious lead casket just may have been the practicle solution that his terrified family finally settled on.



  1. The lead was meant to keep people out. Back then, a 1,000 lb lead coffin would be really hard to deal with, and moving it would require large hoisting equipment, and a team of people and horses which attracts a lot of attention. Probably some religious guy.

  2. thebombchicken

    If it was lead, lead is a pretty soft material. Was their any signs of scratching ot bits inside? If not the family could have damaged the brain enough to keep him down and the lead was just the insurance that he would stay down!

    • Well you have to look at the age of the thing. In the article, they say the only reason they know that theres any skeleton at all in it is due to bone sticking out of the bottom. We can conclude from this that they’ve never opened it, and wouldn’t know. The reason for this is its age. Like you said, lead is a soft metal, so the fact that several thousand year old lead was even able to be excavated says soemthing in itself. Were they to try and open it, the whole thing would probobly crumble under its own weight and destroy the artifact.

  3. NOT GOOD, dont open it, the virus may still be active we dont know that yet!!!

  4. DrRobert(self given Dr)

    so if it was a zombie wich i belive it to be becouse well you can only hope right but why would there be only one??????????????????

  5. In Italy we still have a lot of zombies: for instance there are many of them in our government…

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