We’ve already discussed the importance of having a zombie emergency kit filled with essential gear, but maintaining a positive attitude in a catastrophic undead outbreak is just as vital to your survival.  Depression and despair already cause negative side effects in tens of millions of people worldwide.  In a zombie pandemic, these same mental obstacles will often be the difference between life and death.

Fortunately,a commonly recommended wilderness mental survival kit can be easily modified for use in an undead disaster:

1) Learn and Adapt – Anyone who tells you they know exactly how zombies will behave, and exactly how to survive them, will likely be the first the get eaten.  You must be ready and eager to learn from your changes situation, and adapt your strategies as needed.

2) Do What it Takes – When the dead rise, you may have to do things you never imagined.  From eating disgusting foods, to living in horrid conditions.  You need to unflinchingly embrace your new reality, and forget about your old home, room, clothes, and other comforts of a world that doesn’t exist anymore.

3) Stay Positive – Nothing will turn out the way you hope in a zombie survival situation.  Failure will be the new norm.  If you allow negative thoughts to enter into the equation, they’ll eat your brain faster than any zombie horde, leaving you exposed to mortal danger on all sides.

4) Visualize Success – No matter what, you must not lose sight of your ultimate objective of establishing a safe and stable life over the long term.  Your family and friends may all be gone, but believing in the possibility of a brighter future is the only way to make that future happen.

Ultimately, your survival depends on a combination of luck, circumstance, preparation, and mental ability.  If luck and circumstance go your way, and you’ve done what is needed to be physically prepared, don’t risk getting killed by zombies or hostile humans because your head’s not in the right place.


  1. I’ve noticed something on the site, there is no post about human canibals which pose a bigger threat in an undead world then zombies,

    • There are many many posts about human cannibals.

      • achully, Ihave done some research into that for my book that is nearing completetion. “The guide to raiding and scavanging in the undead world”
        While necro cannibalism will be fairly common, homacideal cannibalism is much rarer due to thier distaste for vegitables and fruits, lack of prey, and the change in the top in the food chain. They are notably less dangerous than other hostile humans due tothey refuse to use an weapons that would harm the “meat” and thier short hunting grounds due the fact They would have to bbring thier “prey” all the way back to thier safe house to prepare, and eat thier prey in safty from the undead. They will more likely use a ruse or lure to attact humans thier hunting grounds, A radio broadcast, A promise of safety, a place that survivours regularly flock to, or use the promise of something (women, food, shelter, and even a cure.)

        Its the gangs in the city, The milita in the country, rogue police and raiders in the small towns you have to worry about. Cannibals are too careful about not to harm what thier after they sacrafice thier combat effenicy, while other raiders will be much more effency due to the fact they carry better weapons and see you as whats between them and thier prize.

        I hope that you have enjoyed my research and that my current and furture discoveries will prove worthy of your acceptence.

  2. Lulz I think when the Zompocalypse hits, one of the best reasons to be happy will be that there will be 99% less stupid people on the planet and 99% more zombies that you can legally shoot in the face^^

    • Wow. Really? Do you have any family or friends? Would you really be so eager to just kill them?.. And could you really count mass death as a reason to be happy? Would you seriosuly consider fighting for daily survival hapiness?

  3. Stephen Polacheck

    I like point #1 the most here, mostly because it is a point I’ve tried to make on several occasions. You just dont know what you’ll be dealing with, you can’t count on tactics you’ve picked up from movies you have to trust your gut to survive. Is the zombie affliction viral, bacterial, fungal, a parsite? You just can’t know and untill you can prove something with out a doubt to be fact precations have to be taken.
    Assassume nothing, Assassumptions on the battlefield can and will result in the loss of life.

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