Sherriff Larry Dean of Bossier Parish, Louisiana, is getting ready for the end of the world, and he’s asking local citizens to help.   The Shreveport Times reports that Dean recruited 200 mostly white men, training them with shotguns, riot shields, batons, and even a .50 caliber machine gun.

In the event of a catastrophic event, volunteers will be dispatched to protect vital areas in Bossier from looters or rioters, including grocery stores, gasoline stations, hospitals and other public meeting places.

“We feel if we prepare for the worst, we’ll definitely be able to handle the rest.”

But is arming hastily deputized civilians and putting them in charge of vital public supplies and services really a good idea?  When food is running low, and zombies are walking the street, will these new law men look out for the interest of everyone, or just their own friends and family?

Undoubtedly, giving a select group  of people high-powered automatic weapons and a license to kill significantly alters the balance of power in the community.  It also assumes that other citizens will readily respect the new authority of their neighbors.

What do you think?  Is Brossier Parish in a better position to handle the zombie pandemic than most, or is it even more likely to be plagued by lawlessness and violence because of Sherriff Dean’s preparedness measures?


  1. depends is it a township or a town?? small town? all good (be like jerico, short series about a small town after nuclear appocolypse – highly recomend it)
    -township, few thousand people, it’ll go to shit

  2. this is a horrible idea, for one it is a mostly white group, that means when zombies do attack most likely there will be “accidents” involving people of colored origins. Second there is no mention of fortifications being made, which could lead to trouble. Thirdly, these men are not trained to keep the public’s best interests in mind, they will act to keep those who are closest emotionally them safe, but forsake those that truely need help.

  3. Yeah, I think the ‘mostly white’ thing does say a lot. It seems like this guy is willing to put his life, and the life of his community, in the hands of his neighbors, but “Oh-no!”, just white guys..

    This whole idea just seems too gung-ho to work effectively. Not that ‘pistol-ready’ is a bad thing, but it seems like this guy only thought of a defensive plan that involved major offense…which just seems too likely to fail.
    I didn’t see anything about building walls, fortifying the town already there, or setting up any other sort of fortifications. All in all, the guy might have a good idea, but his execution and reasoning seems way off for this to be effective.

  4. I think that in the event of a zombie invasion this city will become basically a feudal state ruled by whoever has the most followers. They will most likely provide a safe haven for others but only if you pay them some how.

  5. Because historically, white men have always been a beacon of honour and humility.

    And if anyone whinges about the oppression of the white man, please cannibalize yourself.

    • A city doesn’t have to mean NYC or LA, it can be a place with a population of 10k or so. Think large town with rural area all arnuod it. Big enough for a Lowes or Walmart, but not big enough to host a Broadway show. Small enough where the people could get out without creating a traffic jam. Buildings will be mostly two storey & wood framed. Pick a defensible spot at the edge of the city for easy escape to the countryside. Methodically forage through the town, and secure & mark buildings as you go. House full o Z’s? Just burn it down and move on. In a couple months the whole town could be swept clean.My $0.02.

  6. No shit….
    I just watched a video on “Operation Exodus.”
    It’s there all or nothing box (planet terror)
    I don’t understand what exactly they expect to happen by doing this.
    Glad I’m not in Louisiana.

  7. you got something against white guys? or are you an aryian

  8. I think the fact that he chose “mostly white men” speaks for itself… I think these men were too hastily trained, and will chose side very quickly.

    When the shit hits the fan (and it will) these men will be under-prepared, under trained, and over-armed… won’t be good for anyone.

  9. That all depends on how the new lawmen act. If they act in the welfare of the public, without bigotry and what not, then I don’t see that much of a problem happening.

    Now, if they start playing favorites and abusing their power, they’ve become the problem they were meant to protect against.

    • I have a feeling they will become a controlling force. They will shoot anyone who goes against them and will only fight for themselves. They will shoot anyone trying to survive and keep everything for themselves.

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