Researchers at the National Academy of Sciences have recently discovered a dangerous new trend in the evolution of the flu virus.  By creating a hybrid virus that joined the deadly bird flu strain with the more common human flu, they proved that not only is this union possible in nature, but it also produces devastating results.

Bird and swine flu are extremely deadly, but in their current state they don’t spread easily from person to person.  By contrast, human influenza is highly contagious, but isn’t potent enough to cause widespread deaths.  When these two strains are combined a new and virulent threat is born.

Asked about the possibility of different flu strains mixing, Hong Kong University virologist, Yi Guan, was quick to answer:

“If that happens, I will retire immediately and lock myself in a sealed laboratory.”

Applied to the study of zombies, the notion that several different strains of the same root virus can merge has profound implications.  If zombiism is simply a highly mutated variation of rabies, Mad Cow, or even influenza, then this dormant strain has only to mix with its more common cousin to create an instant pandemic the likes of which the world has never seen.

There can be little doubt that every day a new scientific discovery comes to light that puts us one step closer to the inevitable zombie plague.

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