We’ve already touched on the possibility that zombies don’t freeze in cold weather.  Now ZRS Researcher, Chris Quinn, is looking at differences and similarities in zombie survival across varying climates and geographical regions.  His preliminary report suggests that we may need to completely rethink our notion of what is a safe destination in a zombie pandemic.

Quinn graded various regions of the planet in three central categories: 1) ability to sustain human life, 2) ability to repel a zombie threat, and 3) ability to avoid the danger of other humans.  He found that although Alaska scores high in 2 and 3, it can be a very difficult place to survive without supplies, training, and years of on-the-ground experience.

“Colder climates have long and harsh winters, where the lack of available food and warm shelter could prove to be a deadly combination for many refugees.  The population density in the great white north is low for a reason.”

Deserts also do well in zombie defense and human avoidance, but falter when it comes to ease of survival because of their extreme heat and lack of abundant water.

So what’s the best place to go according Quinn?  Tropical climates with ample rain, mild temperatures and plenty of naturally growing food are ideal.  Not only will a swamp or jungle retreat provide isolation from other humans, but also allow for the building of strong zombie defenses.

What do you think is the ideal zombie survival region?  And do you have a plan to get there when the zombies come knocking?


  1. Is this taking into consideration that there will be extremists and psychotic people about as well? You’ll want a safe area avoiding contact from them too. I would say the Canadian territories which have cold but bearable weather and fish and fertile land. On top of that Canadians tend to be on the friendlier helpful side LOL. I also feel that cold weather won’t pass the smell of the living as easily as it does in hotter climates. You also got snow which is harder for them to tread in and covers the sound of your own migration. The population is originally low to start with so you don’t have to worry about as much dead as the south.

  2. Guys, I live in a tropical Climate ( Rio de janeiro) the thing is, heat and humidity actually play in both sides, as mentioned by Eddie accelerate the decomposition of let’s say zombies, but also plays a role at decomposing your supplies, for eg. medical and food stuff. Not to mention that heat is a HUGE problem, so kids, elderly and any sick individuals would face their disease AND the adverse condition around them. Infections and other fever like things would send them to the grave or zombie like faster. When you guys mentioned farming, well, it’s possible but, open field are not naturally seen in environs like amazon or Atlantic rainforest (a kind of coastal rain forest ) so open field means that some one is there, or was, so humans good or bad would be found around.. Quite honestly, to find a spot – to survive and perhaps live with least decency – in this environment with all the years ( almost a lifetime) you need to pick something that provides the classic avoiding excessive human contact,zombies and the plus the tropical issue heat and humidity, ..hm…you would have to go to the hills – beach areas are known to have less fresh water with quality, because underground water tends to mix with salt water and the salt in the air speeds decomposition of metallic structures within a few years ( no big new here hm?) in short a big problem in the long run. The hills, let’s say are rich with quality water and no see breeze to rust things.. but it’s humid.. perhaps it’s a problem but provides chances for better crops, and towns up the hills have a milder heat… and since they all are smaller town than the big ones.. a better chance, since there are small farms along the road and around them too… however the medicinal topic remains unsolved.. yeah, in the long run you may grow some plants that help you, but you have to have the knowledge… ( no indian like stuff here ok? haha… its real useful plants)

  3. The heat in the tropics would greatly accelerate the zombies’ decomposition process, would it not…?

  4. Another Washingtonian here…. My grand parents have a nice 5 acre plot, but myself I’m in the market for a couple acres. Personally I think the PNW is the best place possible (Washington, Northern Oregon, Idaho, and parts of Montana. Why? Because we have lots of fertile land, plenty of water, we don’t get TO cold, and population is relatively low. when shit hits the fan if I don’t have my house built up (a completely fortified self sustained “zombie” house). Then I’ll head to the forest where I’ve already got some supplies hidden in a place that i know i can find easily and is about a 2 day hike from the place I am living currently. So…. I think when the ZA comes people around here will be the ones to survive, plus we are close to Canada and who’s more trust worth then those people in the great white north ;). But those people form California please stay in your neck of the woods we have enough of you up here, and trust me we don’t want anymore! I think most of them will become zombies because they are too entitled!

  5. I’m in agreence with this article. I’m from washington state, where food growth is easy and rain is way to common. I dont own a lot of land, but what little i have is good for growing, plus if all else fails, im sure the neighbors wont need theirs. And as someone else from washington mentioned. Guns. we can own most anything we can imagine here and we can obtain surpressors legally for most of it. So shooting wont draw to much attention from anything that isn’t already a problem.

    As for walmart, hell no, everyone already crowds that place every normal day of the week. imagine what it would be like in the early days and weeks of this event, think black friday shopping only worse. murder, anarchy, gangs, and people willing to kill to feed their starving families.

  6. I think a jungle provides a difficult place to try and survive in: often these places are filled with a variety of life threatening plants, animals, and diseases that in a time when proper medical supplies/treatment may be limited could be fatal. Of course the arguments for deserts and cold climates have been made, and cities are defiantly out of the question. As for the of shore oil rig i think i saw id like to point out in the zombie survival guide the small problem of the chance of the oil igniting and sending you sky high. In the book it suggests a prison: nice cement walls and strong gates please, along with firearms and the local residences who while maybe not the best to room with might know how to shank a zombie as well as they may shank you in the bathoom.

    • I agree that it would be hard to survive in a jungle UNLESS you could find a canopy research station. They are high in the canopy, there will be plenty of rain, and you can feast on monkey and bird. If you were brave or stupid enough, you could go down and try to find food, but you should be fine in the canopy.

  7. a dense jungle or forest would make it very easy for someone (or something to take you by surprise)

  8. An interesting point I picked up from the novel Pride, Prejudice and Zombies…do you think the dead are likely to actually rise from their graves in the instance of an outbreak? The book implies that the ideal climates are winter and summer, winter because the ground is frozen and summer because the ground is dry. These would be ideal because in wet weather erosion would make it easier for the dead to claw thier way out from underground, and the water could potentially aid the erosion of coffins, etc.
    What do you reckon? Possible?

  9. lethbridge AB represent.

    two words: oil rigs.
    just fortify the shit out of one and you’ll have enough fuel to survive lifetimes.
    not to mention the great sniper points lookin out onto the prairies.

    food? drive to a walmart.

    need i say more?

    • Yeah, you do. You can’t just take oil out of the ground and throw it in your gas tank, dude. In fact, there’s very little you can do with crude oil.. especially crude oil from the oilsands because the oil has to be separated from the sand. Oil rigs are usually on leases that are fairly secluded, which is good for staying hidden, but getting to a Walmart won’t be easy considering the roads are probably going to be clogged.

      I’m originally from New-Brunswick, but I currently live in Vancouver because I can make $75k/year here. I work as a machinist, so I can make pretty much anything out of metal if I have the tools. I’m currently saving to buy a few acres in the interior of BC, so that I can move out there and become fully self-sufficient. I plan on building a wind turbine, and setting up a solar power system. My plan is also to set myself up a small machine shop on my property so i can actually build all these things without going anywhere. I will grow food in greenhouses to extend the seasons, and possibly raise livestock.

      If the apocalypse happens before I leave the city, my plan is to hole up in my place for a minimum of two months before surfacing, then making my way by mountain bike to the north shore mountains, about an hour from my house. There, I can hunt, and i know the terrain like the back of my hand since I ride up there all year round.. let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, though.

  10. richard(zsnipe)stewart

    Anyone near ontario come to kingston. we can block up the town or go to an island with wind turbines, if we can keep those going power is near infinite especially with a lowered population we wont strain the system. i aint goin far

  11. i say head head tomy grand parents they liveon lake in pa 10 minues from wall mart in a log cabin stocked with non perishibles and as a lastresort threr are pontune boats at almost every house all that needs to be done is fortification

  12. i’m from New brunswick. i am well stocked and have multiple safe houses for the rize of the dead 3 on Miscou island my home town, 2 in Bathurst and like, a few more possible places in Campbellton.

  13. Meet me at the island of Corvo Portugal for survival. Bring the seeds of trees.

  14. Brian/Matt that makes 3 of us in this province, I’m in Edmonton, where are you two at?

  15. i mite suggest an article on what crops would do best in an undead situation

  16. i live in Upstate New York I’m headed for my sister’s. she nd her husband have fertile farming land across fromm them, they have a huge creek/gorge combo up on the mountian and its good hunting, also there is an old applae orchard up there with still edible apples. not to mention their house is has a working well

  17. I live in Vancouver, but I have a small hobby farm in Northern Washington.
    The area is heavily wooded, so I have all the fuel/fortifications I need, as well as a plentiful food source. The area is just over 290 acres, and I ranch free-range pigs on it. The land is fertile, the sea is accessible, it’s hidden away from society, and I have just over a 220 day (average) growing season.

    I believe it is the best spot for general survivalism/Zombie apocalypse locale. (Let alone the liberal gun laws!)

  18. Matt where are you ?

    I’m also in Alberta.

  19. I live in Alberta, I know for SURE that I could survive for a while out here. I know what to eat, what to kill, where to hide on the farm, and how to build a great shelter. UNLESS you either move up REALLY slow or get used to the cold fast, you’re be dead in a couple days.

    • I too live in Alberta. My brother and I have been planning for the last year or so. Still very new but taking in everything. Just this week the weather is minus 30oC and it’s nothing

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