Just over two years ago a massive earthquake devastated the island nation of Haiti, giving the world a tragic reminder that when disaster strikes hardest, abundant food and potable water jump to the top of the list of survival priorities.

Without water to drink, you can’t make it more than a week.  Without food you’ve got a month, tops.

Weeks after the Haiti quake upwards of 15,000 U.S. troops were deployed to keep the peace, and their primary objective was to protect the precious relief that was being shipped in from all over the world. With a total Haitian population of just 9 million, that equates to one soldier for every 750 civilians, and still reports of violence and looting were rampant.

Why the chaos? Because a lack of food and water quickly leads to desperation.

To reach a similar level of military presence within the United States, the government would need to deploy 425,000 troops to the streets of every city and town from Florida to Oregon. As of 2008, there were only 543,000 active duty soldiers in the Army, meaning that a huge percentage of that force would be needed just to protect pallets of bottled water. If a zombie outbreak causes desertion rates to spike, it could reach 100% in no time.

Would you show up for work at a supply depot in Georgia if you knew your spouse and children were probably being threatened by a zombie menace at your home in Iowa?

Ultimately, in a zombie pandemic you are your own rescue. The Haiti disaster teaches us that Uncle Sam’s Army may not be there to save your life when the dead come clawing at your front door.


  1. What about the inactive soldiers? Plenty of those at home.

  2. In an outbreak, I’m far more scared of other humans than zombies. With a week or so of observation I can predict zombies, but not the sheer number of possible threats another human could pose if society collapses.

    • Agreed. Even if the zombies were superinfectious, runners, and headshot-only, the humans are the ones with the guns. Plus, duct-tape armor wont stop anything a human would use, from pocketknives to ICBMs

    • So true… we should be fearful of other humans than zombies. No matter what the zombie’s can do. It has been proven a million-billion times over that human beings are more of a threat to themselves & others. Humans are predictable/unpredictable, are ration/irrational, stable/unstable. & when disaster strikes, or any form of negativity, all that we’ve been taught of morals, respect, decency goes out the window. Humans get scared, fearful, which makes them lose their minds/focus… so in the event of whatever disaster, earthquake,disease, including zombies..we are likely to turn on each other. Zombies are predictable,human beings are not. If you watch any disaster movie, they clearly show u, every last one of how humans turn on each instead of focusing on the major issue at hand. So I agree, I would hate for the zombie invasion to happen, scared even..but I’d be more concern & focused about watching my & my families back from other humans.

  3. Ridiculous, the reason that they had people guarding water in the first place was because people would steal water. Also this guy doesn’t know his survival facts for jack. Surviving for a full month “tops” without food? You can’t make it more than 10 days without eating anything “tops”.

    • I’ve personally gone 11 days with only water, so I know you can go longer than 10 days. The general rule of thumb in survival is called the rule of 3s.

      In a worst case scenario you’re dead in:

      3 minutes without air
      3 hours without shelter
      3 days without water
      3 weeks without food

    • People have survived without food for much longer than 10 days. When the body doesn’t get any food it literally starts eating itself. The fat stored in your body is consumed for energy, much like a bear does in hibernation.

  4. This would apply if the outbreak occurred simultaneously across the states.

    • Usually the Romero (Walking Dead) style zombie apocalypse is considered to be the standard. In that scenario every fresh corpse with an intact brain in the world gets up and starts killing. So yeah it’s definitely happening simultaneously in such a scenario.
      The armed forces would be spread too thin to make any difference.

  5. We are so screwed here in the UK with most of the population having any access to arms still we have plenty of water just need to purify it. Is there any zombie survival advice for us brits as we would be the nxt affected country as your rich will try to evacuate to the UK.

    • what’s with all the gun talk; people will be fighting zombies, not their own government. I believe in the early parts of a zombie outbreak guns will sill be the top death of people, mostly because their will be a ton of scared, confused, off their medication, as well as drug withdrawn people, and guns will make them super dangerous. The food and water part will just be an excuse for some of the people to start killing other people.

    • for you uk guys blunt weapons and numbers if your government doesn’t let you have guns then a good cricket bat will do its heavy and you can crack some skulls but the question i have because i am from the state are you guys allowed to have edged weapons over a certain length like could you get your hands on a short sword

  6. I think I’m going to start stocking up on disposable razors. Being on a non-stop brink of death is no excuse to look shabby.

  7. Regardless, thinking of your own provisions allows you to supply others if you have enough stored up, and there is safety in numbers. Or at least, increased capability. One thing not commonly thought of is something of no survival value whatsoever, but of incalculable value as a trade good. Cigarettes and addictive drugs.

    Just because society has collapsed doesn’t mean addictions will abate overnight, and they’re still going to want their drugs. With numbers and guns you keep them from killing you to take it (or with knowledge, ensuring you’re the only one around who knows how to make them), and so can get things you didn’t originally have.

    Of course, you can’t rely on this, but it can provide one with a considerable edge.

    • Thing about a drug addict though is that heir gonna be so busy trying o get their drugs that their gonna be some if the first to go. Drug addicts would much rather have their drugs then have food to survive. Not to mention zombies will find them faster than out of shape people. Atlease out of shape people will have he smarts to hide.

  8. better think of guns and ammo in the same thought as food and water, cause otherwise someone who did think of em will shoot you dead and take your food and water for themselves.

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