The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that a rare infection has been passed through organ donation, in what is the first human-to-human transfer of the deadly amoeba known as Balamuthia Mandrillaris (BM).

BM causes a condition leading to focal paralysis, seizures, and other serious brain stem symptoms, before eventually killing its victim.  It also often creates skin lesions on the body and face, through which the amoeba may enter the bloodstream and migrate to the brain.  Dr. Mark Jacobson notes that the process of infection is of primary concern:

“Four people got organs from the deceased, and already two are showing signs of infection.  Organs are not routinely tested for less common pathogens, which allows rare and deadly organisms to slip through.”

When this fact of modern medicine is applied to a potential zombie microbe, the projected outcome is devastating.  Innocent people from across the country and around the world would accept infected organs, sealing their undead fate with what they believe to be a lifesaving surgical procedure.

Families staying home to help loved-ones recover would run a serious risk of being attacked and eaten by their fathers, mothers, children and siblings.  Given the right incubation period, zombiism could take root in unsuspecting cities and towns before any warning signs were spotted, or alarms signaled.

The end would come, and we wouldnt’ even know it…


  1. Evolving. There isn’t a virus out today for zombiism, but over the course of treating for these various viruses and bacteria, these viruses and bacteria evolve to resist treatment. The weak ones die off and the resistant ones remain. Who knows what will happen in the future.

  2. Terrifying stuff – viruses and so on are getting scary in the way they’re evolving. I wouldn’t be surprised if this pathogen, or other similar pathogens, simply mutate to find new ways to spread. If it can’t find any other way to spread, parasitically spreading to the brain and then turning the infected person into something of a zombie isn’t so unlikely.

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