On October 13, 1972, a plane carrying 45 members of a Uruguayan rugby team  crashed into the Andes mountains at an altitude of more than 12,000 feet.

Though 29 men lived through the initial impact,  another 13 died from exposure and injury in the frozen 72 days it took for a rescue party to locate the stranded group.  So how did the 16 eventual survivors keep themselves alive all that time?  By eating their teammates.

If the next great zombie outbreak leads to societal collapse,  food and water may instantly become scarce. In a matter of days, people across the planet may be forced to make new and difficult choices about what, and who to eat.

Think you’d never consider eating a pet or even a neighbor?  Think again.

Just like the rugby cannibals of the 1970s, when sources of nutrition can’t be found they will be created.  So unless you have a secured stock of food for at least six months, don’t be surprised when your stomach starts telling your head to fry up a member of your survival team for dinner.

And at that point, what’s the difference between us and the zombies?


  1. My neighbors will get the chop long before my pets.

  2. Farming ranching there are things to eat other then you’re neighbors the thing that separates you from the living dead is your course of action even in an apartment with prudent planning you can survive and even thrive without resorting to cannibalism and as for the pets a dog is a good distraction if you need to get out in a rush lol

  3. Quenton Netherton

    I’ve searched and I haven’t seen a thing about farming. Even though it’s the Zombie Apocalypse, A person can still find a way to have a farm life. They shown it on the Walking Dead on Hershel’s Farm and in the prison with the pigs. If they can have or make a farm, why can’t anyone. Also if a person happen to be a farmer on an farm, then they can secure their area so Zombies can’t enter. And beside if you can have, owned, or even make a farm and find pigs and cattle, you wouldn’t have to resort to eating puppies or another person, which is sick by the way. So You guys that work this ZRS make a page about farming, making a farm, securing a farm, or finding barn animals or whatever.

    • Quenton Netherton

      PS when you guys do make a page about farming, please inform me so that way I don’t have to worry about you all not giving some important details OK. Thanks.

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