Zombie Proof Your Apartment
Zombie Proof Your Apartment Created by: ForRent.com


  1. i am confused because if you don’t know how to fly a helicopter and you get stuck on the roof you are dead. unless you can get down some how.

  2. I hope you all know that the ZA is not a joke. This website has been a life saver for me. I am prepared, and I hope you are too. Otherwise, toodles! Because this is serious. Sincerally

  3. Man. I live in a rental in Sweden, where you’re not allowed to switch your door out and it doesn’t have a roof you can get to from the hallways or apartments. They don’t put fire extinguishers in your apartment either… oh, and the window glass breaks real easy and you can’t change it. Guess it’ll be bug out time for me when the apocalypse comes!

  4. In any case real zombies are only possible if people are infected by the zombie virus (or viruses), but like any other viruses these will be killed the moment they touch us, once everybody (kids and adults) start doing my discovery (the greatest one of all time on Earth and maybe in the Universe), that will rid our world of any diseases, known on the planet for millions of years – It is already known, that we were created by the Anunnaki, who came to Earth from the planet of Nibiru – For reasons of their own, they modified our DNA, so that we stay vulnerable to any diseases and die due to them and/or aging – But not any more – If everybody (kids and adults) start doing my discovery (just an exercise for a minute a day), any diseases, known on Earth, will be erased from the face of the planet in just a few days, we humans will possess the Infinite Health and we will become Immortal – Just like the Extraterrestrials, like the Anunnaki, if I am paid 5 billion bucks to disclose my discovery – Just 25 million bucks per country in the world – As a proof of the power of my discovery, for more than 5 years now, I never got sick even of the common cold, my blood sugar level is 300 mg/dl, but I am not sick of diabetes, for I cannot get sick of it, or of any other diseases, I am the healthiest person on the planet, I am absolutely free to eat any food I like, no restrictions whatsoever, doing my discovery for just a minute a day – My WVCD – The Weapon of Virus and Cancer Destruction – The only way on Earth for everybody to stay absolutely healthy all the time and of course being Immortal.


  6. After the power goes out most elevators can only go down (via gravity), so if the stairs are blocked and the elevator has already gone down or is on a different floor your pretty much stuck, unless the building has a fire escape that you can access.

  7. Excellent document. Very good graphics. It’s ideal for a poster.

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