Zombie Charge is preparing its final evacuation for 2014 just south of Houston, Texas at the Sundance Horse Ranch on October 25.  Zombie Charge is an immersive apocalypse event centered on a 5k obstacle course through wooded trails, mud and Texas terrain.  Obstacles include rope climbs over tree limbs, mud crawls under fences, traversing over and through abandoned vehicles and much much more. Of course, it wouldn’t be an apocalypse run without being overrun with zombies!


The Zombie Charge starts right from the parking lot with zombies moaning and looming about.  As you enter into the registration area and approach the start-line, zombies will begin chasing you right from the start and throughout the 5k course. Each runner will have 3 flags that represent their life, lose the last flag and become infected.  But don’t worry, in the safe zone Zombie Charge has developed ZC5, the antidote that if taken within 30 minutes of infection.  There will likely be a few health stations on the course as well that will allow runners to earn extra lives (flags) in the event they lose them early.


Following the race there will be beer where proceeds go to local charities. There will be some killer Texas BBQ (we will not be serving Bob, we promise!) and great tunes and music playing throughout.  Zombie Charge has great t-shirts, pint glasses, hats and other merchandise for sale as well.


If you’re interested in participating, you can register as a runner OR a zombie.  Come in your best costume and Zombie Charge provides professional make-up stations to help you get into your character. All participants receive a tech-t-shirt, exclusive headwear buff, and finisher medal. Registration is on www.zombiecharge.com/locations/houston and can be followed daily on facebook.com/zombiecharge

Don’t miss your chance to share your zombie apocalypse survival skills!!!

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