Whether by nuclear fallout, a giant asteroid or brain-eating zombies; the apocalypse is something that we’ve all considered. And in the instance of any catastrophic event, it pays to be prepared. But when it comes to starting over or fending for yourself, psychologist Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs theory states that the first necessities are physiological; we must have air, food and water to survive.

Other human needs include social interaction and safety, which involves protection from the elements, health and property. The resources that you choose to possess are absolutely crucial, and your needs must be carefully considered. So, just which tech gadgets would best boost your chances of surviving the end of the world?

Respirator Mask: Air is our most fundamental need. If it’s a biochemical catastrophe that sets you into survivor mode, a respirator mask may become your new best friend. Respirators are designed to reduce the wearer’s exposure to chemical and biological threats through inhalation. These lightweight devices are available in full or half mask sizes, and may mean the difference between life and death in a toxic environment.

Water Filtration Bottle: Especially important in the event of a biological calamity, a water filtration bottle is imperative in fulfilling the basic human need for hydration. These portable bottles filter impurities found in any given water supply; be it a stream, pond or captured rain water. And many bottle designs can filter out contaminants including bacteria and diseases. If you’re on the move and forced to drink water from a questionable source, a water filtration bottle can alleviate a good deal of guessing and worry.

Satcom Device: In a state of emergency, you will need to find other survivors. First off, there is safety in numbers. And secondly, as Maslow suggested, contact with others is a human need. Don’t get stuck alone and vulnerable! Once you’ve found and organized a survival group, you’ll need a reliable means of communication. Whether it be for scouting, scavenging, travel or recon, you’ll need to stay connected.

Satcom devices are rugged and durable; often waterproof, dust proof and shock resistant. They offer the versatility and reliability of a phone by connecting to global satellites, even in a state of emergency. Communication between you and your apocalypse survival team will be essential in weathering the trials of Armageddon.

Portable Solar Generator: Any apocalypse will almost certainly leave you without electricity, so you may want to have an alternative on hand. Portable solar generators require no fuel and produce no fumes. Charged by the sun, these handy power sources can easily supply energy in the dead of night; when you need to see what is lurking about.

Before the big one finally hits, you should be preemptive in your apocalyptic prepping. Gather all of your high-tech gadgets now to ensure your survival later. Because when the lights go out, it’s already too late!


  1. Alex Lindekugel

    so the question of the day is solar really worth it in the end of days? now haveing a power source to run things is great for some time but battarys wear out tools break down. evenchuly evorything the runs on power takes a crap. so is it really worth having solar? evenculy id think youd have to leave the relative safty of a solar powerd building.

  2. Water filtration bottle
    And the mask

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