The thought of a zombie takeover is terrifying! In movies, some are alarmingly fast, while others move slowly and gather strength in numbers. But whether it’s the stumbling hordes from Night of the Living Dead, the sprinting, infectious version featured in 28 Days Later or something entirely different; perhaps the surest means of surviving the zombie apocalypse is to become nomadic and learn to live off the grid as a survivalist camper.

With careful preparation, the proper equipment and a thorough understanding of how to fend off zombies, you can live quite comfortably and avoid being eaten by the undead. But just what would someone need to set up camp during a zombie outbreak?

Reliable Transport: You’ll have to make some important transportation decisions in the event of a zombie infestation. Cars and RVs provide mobility and storage capacity, but they have their drawbacks. Vehicles break down and require parts that may be inaccessible, while gas may be limited in availability. The decision to drive, bike or walk should be made based primarily on how many people are in your party and your willingness to abandon a vehicle if necessary. If you have more than three people in your group, and can downsize your equipment or supplies quickly… ride in style for as long as you can manage!

Tents: Basic human needs require water, food and shelter. A tent that rolls up easily and is lightweight would be a perfect accessory for a life on the move. But you’ll need protection from the elements, so recognize that a simple vinyl tent is not going to shield you from a famished zombie! And as we learned from AMC’s The Walking Dead; without an easy exit, your tent could quickly become a deathtrap.

Weaponry: Your choice of weaponry should depend upon your skills and preferences. Guns are great for nailing zombies from a distance, but they can be heavy, jam up or eventually run out out ammo. If you are familiar with swordsmanship, a number of swords and machetes can be optimal weapons for eliminating the staggering dead up-close and personal. However, it can be extremely difficult to take on multiple zombies with a sword unless you are Michonne. So, choose carefully!

Water: While water is a fundamental necessity, transporting large amounts is a near impossibility when surviving as a migrant. And finding uncontaminated, drinkable water will also be a challenge, especially if the zombies on your tail are of the biological or environmental poisoning variety, like those in The Crazies. Your best bet is a self-purifying water bottle. Light weight, portable, and reliable; these babies are worth their weight in gold! Some are based on NASA designs and can filter out most bacteria and impurities.

Generator: If you have transportation, then your new best friend will soon become the generator you pull along behind you. With utility personnel unavailable (and most likely devoured) a generator will allow the luxury of electricity for cooking food and lighting dark spaces, which may be of particular importance in the dead of night. Mobile generators transport easily and can power a multitude of valuable gadgets like RV stoves for cooking, televisions and radios for emergency broadcast information, and rechargeable satellite phones, walkie-talkies or navigation devices.

When the dead come back, like you always knew they would, prepare yourself for a life of survivalist camping. But just remember… with the proper tools and equipment, you can easily weather the zombie apocalypse in style!


  1. Yeah, but did Michonne learn to use a sword out of necessity or did she already know how to use it? I think I could learn on the hop.

  2. I think if it ever happened, id be pretty prepared.

  3. And the ability to set up traps. Dead-falls, spring traps, etc. If your going to be spending your nights with only the little bit of fabric between you and a ravenous zombie, you would probably want some form of alarm or a way to stop them before they get to you.

    I wouldn’t depend on a generator out in the elements when sound might be one way a zombie finds its dinner. I honestly doubt a nomadic life would be the best way to go.

    If anything, Id want to be on an island in the middle of a lake. four jet ski’s placed evenly apart around it.
    That way I could fish, or possibly leave the island to procure other items I may need.

    There are many places I would rather be than in a tent in the middle of the woods with a generator going full blast. In fact, I’d rather be a zombie finding that moron and getting my eat on.

    • Not only would it make a lot of noise, a generator will be heavy, clumsy, and burdensome to carry or drag behind you. It will also take up much room and will nees precious fuel to run. Why not save the gas for your vehicle or other precious commodity and use batteries to power your radios or hook it up to the car battery. For the same weight as a generator, you could power all of your electric utilities for life with batteries. Or, use a hand-crank radio.

      p.s. Why would you bring a t.v. to go camping in the first place, not to mention in the zombie apocalypse.

      • A solar generator like the yeti one I have is fabulous. Silent, compact, no fuel needed, stores energy for a very long time, durable, and easy to use. Use it to recharge your batteries. I have used mine when the power went out at my hunting cabin and we were snowed in. I was able to plug in electric blankets, a hot plate and kettle and be pretty comfortable until we could get out. I also used it last week to keep our freezer from thawing when we had to deal with a scheduled power outage for repairs that lasted for 10 hours in 80° heat. I love the freaking thing- zero buyers remorse even though I spent my shoe fund for the year on the thing.

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