Last week we started a new series with a question. Do you have a favorite unusual weapon used against the undead in a movie?  We asked you to chime in, keeping in mind we’re looking for weapons used in a movie, and they should creative.At #10, last week, we started everything off with the “banjo” pummeling delivered by Tallahassee, in Zombieland (2009).  Here are a few of our favorites from your suggestions:

From Zombieland

  • Falling Piano
  • Columbus kills the clown-zombie at Pacific Playland with the hammer from the test-of-strength game
  • Toilet Tank lid in Columbus’ apartment

Today we are covering two very unusual weapons with similarities, used in two very different types of zombie movies.

At #9…

Magical Flaming Guitar Picks: Wild Zero (1999)

If you haven’t seen the Japanese crazi-flick called Wild Zero,  do yourself a favor and go and watch it right now.  It is by far, one of the most outlandish Japanese rock and roll, gender-bending zombie comedies to come out of that country, and a definite notch to hack into your undead-movie-viewing belt.

Guitar Wolf, is real Japanese punk-rock band, and they play themselves in this over-the-top (sometimes unintentionally) comedy  gorefest.  Th is film pits the members (Drum Wolf, Bass Wolf and Guitar Wolf ) against an evil alien threat hellbent on destroying the planet using zombies.

And what is a rock and roll zombie flick without magical blazing guitar picks, flung like ninja stars at the undead?  And I’m pretty sure there aren’t enough synonyms for awesome to describe a climactic scene is which our hero slices a giant UFO in half with his guitar (yes, with his “axe”).



Quarters fired from a shotgun: Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

While the Resident Evil franchise has many moments (especially in the first installment), Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) has very few. The following  “weapon” was suggested by a reader.

In the scene below, we see Alice preparing some shotgun shells by loading them with quarters.  I did a bit of research, and found that the literature does NOT support the fiction (surprise surprise).  The quarters are just too big to fit down the barrel of the 12 guage. Nickels are too big as well.  But I did find a video of someone shooting dimes out of a shotgun.  And to add to the fun, he’s shooting an XBox 360.  You can she the results below.

Here’s a deleted scene from Resident Evil: Afterlife with Alice preparing the shells (with quarters).

Do you have a favorite unconventional weapon used in a movie?  Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll pick our favorites to be included in the next article.


  1. However, due to their flat shapes the spread would pretty much make coins a useless ammo (they’d fly of in all directions) unless you were right on top of the zombie. You’d be better off to use a handful of decorative aquarium beads. 😉

    • I like the aquarium beads idea, but I’m not buying the idea of coins for ammo. If you’ve ever rolled coins, a group of coins often get lodged within the paper tube. The same would happen in the barrel and the barrel would explode.

  2. Just thinking there are 4 gauge and 8 gauge shotguns etc out there which might make the coinage thing a bit more feasible, ie. myth maybe plausible

    • You are correct. I watched another video on Youtube where the guy in the video mentioned that it was absolutely a 12 guage they used in the movie (I didn’t post the video because the guy was really annoying, but you can find it if you do a search). But yeah- a different guage might very well work.

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