According to a poll by global independent market research company Ipsos, one in seven people think the end of the world will come during their lifetime. With so many people preparing for the worst, we need to up our game and find the best in durable, high-tech and sustainable products to help us to not only survive, but thrive.

Satellite Phone

Internet and traditional landlines will crash and burn during the end of the world, but zombies shouldn’t affect satellite. An Iridium satellite phone is essential for survival, plus it boasts a durable frame that can get thrown, tossed and even splashed with water, without worry. The battery isn’t solar, so use it sparingly and only to plan a quick rendezvous point with a group that gets split-up.

Personal Beacon

Come prepared to the apocalypse with an ACR Electronics Microfix Personal Beacon complete with its own internal GPS. The device can help keep track of where you and your new friends are. But perhaps more importantly, the emergency beacon can help survivors either attempt a rescue or avoid dangerous areas. It is also weather resistant, which can prove incredibly helpful when you’re on the run.

Night Vision Goggles

Slip on a pair of ATN Viper Night Vision Goggles and scare away even the most seasoned of scavengers. Aside from the intimidation factor involved in wearing them, you can also use them to see in the dark. Do your tracking for food and shelter by night when everyone else is asleep and lay claim to the best hide-outs. You can never miss an opportunity to give yourself an advantage against zombies, and the less than illustrious survivors roaming the end of days.

Solar Bag

If you don’t already have one, loot a tech retailer the second the apocalypse goes down, before the solar power backpacks are all gone. Store your gear and collect energy at the same time in the solar power lining of the backpack. The energy can then be converted and transferred right from the backpack to your satellite phone and other gadgets. Remember, you’re out of luck if a nuclear disaster blocks out the sun.

High-tech Canteen

Store every last drop of clean water you can find in a LightCap 300 that doubles as a solar powered lantern. Good for roughly 8 hours, four different LED’s fully charge and it even has a daytime sensor to make sure you’re not needlessly draining its power. Use it at night when it’s your turn to be on watch, or dunk it in a freshwater stream that’s free from zombies.

Campfire Multi-gadget

Need electricity, boiling water and a satellite phone charger all in one? The Power Pot absorbs heat from a campfire to boil water and store up electricity that can later be accessed through an accompanying USB port. It’s perfect to charge up that Iridium phone you grabbed back on day one. Just remember to keep all of your high-tech gear tucked inconspicuously away in your solar bag, and away from scavenger’s envious eyes.

Contributing author Kellie Conway is a Content Advocate for SocialMonsters.

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