Zombies are generally thought of as fair game for killing in movies, video games, books and all other forms of popular culture. But when it comes to child zombies, some people see more of the child and less of the zombie. And those people might get offended by this “Aim for the Head” button, featuring a very young zombie kid.

Do you think this button is offensive? Does it cross the line from fun to tasteless? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

And if you like it so much you want it, you can get a set right here:





  1. No problem here.
    what a few less forward thinking people forget is that once turned what ever someone is, they are not anymore.
    what once was someone’s kid is now a brain eating walker (crawler?) and is now nothing more than a target, it just moves slower.

  2. I don’t know if I would call it offensive myself, but I could see how someone with chrildren would be bothered by it. And I can see how someone without chrildren won’t see the problem. But it no worse than zombie babies you see at the Halloween store. I have chrildren and I wouldn’t want it.

  3. Do I think this button is offensive? Do I think it crosses the line from fun to tasteless?

    Not a chance I just think its amusing that a lot of the big tough I can survive any situation talkers may not have considered the possibility of having to deal with mini-zombies, and are getting all squeamish about it.

    Besides back in reality street a boy soldiers is capable of killing you just as dead as an armed adult,

    • I don’t think those offended by this are necessarily “squeamish” about shooting a zombie with the body of a child. Nor, I believe. does their offense relate to a feeling that child zombies are harmless.

      I find this tasteless and I would say that it crosses a personal line, though probably not a general one. I’m not deeply offended by it but when I saw it the first time I did cringe a bit. I don’t think it is particularly insightful or evocative, and I think it’s unnecessary. Why put a photograph of a living, human child with a mediocre make-up job on a button with this phrasing? Obviously for the money, but not, I think, for the craft. TWD releasing a photo like this with Sophia or the original little blonde girl with a teddy bear, because there’s a story attached, would compel you to think about your own choices. Some random kid with crosshairs on his forehead is pointless, and in this form, a waste of $6.50.

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