Don’t think zombie culture has invaded every corner of society?  Think again.  Chantep (Ben) Sae-Lee is an architecture student studying at the prestigious King Mongkut’s  University of Technology, North Bangkok. Ben’s outstanding thesis is titled “Zombie  Crisis Centre” —  and it’s up for Thailand’s 2014 Thesis of the Year.

KMU is without a doubt a forward thinking institution, challenging students to think  outside the box.  Mr. Sae-Lee is stepping well outside the box with his inspired designs in these architectural concepts and 3D Renderings.  Ben’s project centers around renovating four old warehouses, and turning them into a place for zombie-themed recreation, study, reflection and history.  His concept is to do this by completely changing the look of the buildings inside and out, connecting all four together into one pavilion, and adding one additional structure.

Ben’s main thesis is comparing architecture to zombies; new buildings to  birth, abandoned buildings to death, and ultimately renovation (changes to the original layout) to rebirth/resurrection (ie. zombies).  Ben describes this as the building metaphor.

His syllabus continues with exploration of the Renaissance and its impact on all architectural, artistic and literary disciplines– a true re-birth.  Out of that “golden-era,” he says, came many exotic and fabulous scientific inventions, including the inspiration for Frankenstein, which Ben contends could be called the “world’s first zombie,” born of science.  History tells us that the Renaissance was a rebirth of   intellectual thought that set out to drive away ignorance and superstition, and replace it with science and logic.  Frankenstein, Ben contends, was the first instance of  superstitious zombies being replaced with scientific zombies.

The spaces in the building structure include exhibition halls, souvenir shops, bars, restaurants and even a virtual reality “Battle Zone,” the ultimate simulation game of the zombie apocalypse,  incorporating a combination of cutting edge computer technology and mechanical engineering.  The restaurants have clever names like “Cannibal X” and “The Graveyard.”  Some of his designs have a decidedly reverential feel to them with many high peaking arches, while other spaces have a shiny futuristic feel.

And while this project is “just” a thesis by a student at a university, it’s a wonderful (or maybe frightening) example of how zombie culture is bleeding into every facet of life.  Even in Thailand!

If you like Ben’s concepts and ideas, click on over to his Facebook Page, and LIKE it.  He is entered in Thailand’s 2014 Thesis of the Year (TOY-Arch) Competition, which uses Facebook LIKES to help decide a winner.

Also, if you’d like to see more of Ben’s Zombie Crisis Centre designs, check out his portfolio at: https://www.behance.net/gallery/ZOMBIE-CRISIS-CENTRE/15763645

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