In his 2006 book Disaster Response and Homeland Security James F. Miskel observes that the Government typically deals with past failures  by adopting a narrow focus on specific problems, and generating targeted solutions.  But because no two catastrophes are ever the same, a new and unforeseen failure is always just waiting right around the corner.

In fact, this “fine tuning” approach, coupled with a highly interdependent agency structure, practically guarantees that we won’t be ready for the next surprise.

“Benjamin Franklin defined insanity as expecting a different result after doing to same thing over and over again.  This definition describes our approach to reforming the disaster relief program in the United States.”

And Miskel knows what he’s talking about when it comes to issues of government preparedness in the face of a crisis. He served as Professor of National Security Affairs at the US Naval War College for twelve years, and was also a member of the National Security Council under former Presidents Reagan and Bush (#1).

If the government isn’t prepared to deal with the next big hurricane, or earthquake, or terrorist attack, how then can we expect anything but confusion, communication gaps, and systemic breakdown when facing something as horrific as a zombie outbreak?  Claims of a streamlined, vigilant post 9/11 government fall flat when compared to Miskal’s mountain of hard evidence and reasoned insights.

Unfortunately, it seems clear that when the dead rise to hunt the living we are all, quite literally, on our own.


  1. The government actually does have a plan for the zombie outbreak. They have a large number of plans for various things. The plan may not be the best but it is a basic plan that they have had for a while. There is a group of people whose job in the government is to come up with bizarre scenarios and plans of attack should they happen to come up.

  2. wrong that was albert enstine that defined insanity as repeating the same thing over and expecting different results

  3. Tony, true u cannot really prepare for the unknown, but that’s just it, u cannot REALLY prepare. But u can still think hard & come up with ideas on how things can happen or pan out & then come up with MULTIPLE not one solution for the problems…whether it be hurricanes or zombie attacks. So u can still prepare somewhat..not a lot & officially. Chances are zombies can happen & chances are it’ll be from a mutation of a disease or cure like 28 days later or I am legend… so with that thought, they should start planning things in the CDC, start training troops more unique ways & maybe uping the weapons they have… so see I just gave an idea on how it could start & 3 ways we could plan… The govt is not stupid, they can easily come up with thoughts on these things & chances are, they are…. even if they aren’t..u as individual should start planning & getting ready, b/c believe me I am…..

  4. That quote is not from Franklin but a paraphrase/translation of a Voltaire quote.

  5. You cannot prepare for the unknown because being unknown, you don’t know what will work or not. It is like these films where the army, police, armed mob shoot at things that simply are unaffected by bullets – waste of resources and failed answer. Observe and learn or become a victim of your own stupidity, teen slasher movie after teen slasher movie shows.

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