Browning OPMOD Folder Knife Limited Edition

Summary: Today I’ll review the Browning OPMOD Folder Knife Limited Edition from Dvor. When choosing the right knife, you have so many options that it can become a daunting task. But one thing to remember is that size isn’t everything; you’re also looking for functionality, comfort and sharpness. Ask yourself, “is this knife really going to do the job that I want it to?”

Review: I’m here to tell you that this knife is about as good as it gets. I have a hard time finding a knife that fits well in my hand, due to their large size. However, this knife just felt right. It fits in your palm as if it was meant to be there from the beginning. The blade is about as sharp as it gets right out of the box, and holds the edge for quite a long time. Easy to open, easy to use, and easy to store, this knife is rock solid as they come!

Conclusion: If you’re looking for a simple and affordable survival knife that can do just about anything, the Browning OPMOD Folder is going to be your go-to knife. Enjoy!

The Zombie Files is a new video review column from ZRS Board Member Cameron Carlson. Feel free to leave any questions or suggestions in the comments below!


  1. Cameron A. Carlson, LT

    Hey Mr. Hopper,

    Thanks for the comment! The reason I like the Spartan is because I have somewhat larger hands and being in the Navy we wear the coveralls for a majority of time on the ship. The uniform has thinner fabric and larger pockets so it is easier to deal with that larger knife than jeans of cargo pants. However, I use it in jeans as well. Since I use the Samsung Note 3 as my phone, the Spartan seems small by comparison. 🙂 I agree with you on two aspects. The thumb stud is kinda worthless unless you are using it to snag on the pants and if you don’t want to snag your pants to open it, it becomes a problem. I have not had the sharp edge problem. I do like the comment about the fixed blade and I agree. When it comes to strength a fixed blade is king, however on a daily basis I can’t carry a fixed blade on Navy ships and I personally don’t like having stuff hanging off my belt unless it’s a pistol. I hope this helps! Thanks again for the comment!



    • Cameron,

      Thank you for your reply: it’s nice to see an author following up on comments to blog articles he’s written!

      Inre: The CS Spartan. Mine may have been an early model: they may have fixed the handle scale issue at some point or maybe I just got a 5pm-on-Friday-before-a-holiday model. Who knows? I sold it on eBay so I no longer have it to examine.

      One final question: when you DO carry a fixed blade into combat, what do you carry? Is it something you bought or something you were issued?

      Many thanks,

      • Hey Mr. Hopper!

        Sorry about the late response, but finishing up around Naval Postgraduate School is keeping me busy. Anyway, in response to your comment, the handle on the Sparta I find is pretty good! I like the way it fits so I am inclined to believe they fixed whatever problem they had. Also, the fixed blade I carry is either a custom hunting knife that was made for me, or the Ka-Bar called the Goliath. It is a massive knife. Anyway, I hope this helps and I will be glad to answer any other questions you might have! Talk to you soon!



  2. Tyler Scott Powell

    Hello Mr Carson. Great video review! I use the Smith &Weston extreme ops knife. It has a combat grip and is extremely sharp right out of the box also. What would be your close an. Your far range weapon of choice?

    • Hey Mr. Powell!

      Thanks for the comment! I think if I had to choose a close range weapon it would have to be a melee weapon. However, this being said, I would have to go with either an impact weapon such as a mace with a rounded head that does not allow suction or a large knife such as the Valkra from zombie tools.net Now, long range weapons (I assume we are talking further than 30 feet), it would depend on the situation. If I want silence, I would use a compound bow. I like the BowTech assassin with various broad heads. However, if this is not an issue, I would use a rifle such as a .22 caliber. Extremely fast traveling round, light weight, and easy to move with. As a plus, most survive rifles in this caliber break down for easier travel. Just FYI you should check out the Cold Steel Spartan knife. Great knife and even better grip! Thanks for the comment! Stay tuned for the next video! Subscribe to the YouTube channel “The Zombie Files” if you would like! Talk to you soon!

      • Cameron,

        I ended up selling my CS Spartan: as an EDC, it didn’t fit well in my pocket and the finish on the handle (specifically the edge of the grivory scales closest to where the blade nests) were SHARP and not comfortable to use when gripping the knife hard. I found the thumb plate to be more hassle than it was worth: I wear gear on my belt and have cargo pockets in my EDC pants and I found the knife tending to snag on these often while trying to use the thumb plate for it’s suggested use. Personally, I’d rather carry a fixed blade knife if I’m going to carry something this big: while CS boasts the strength of it’s Tri-Ad lock, it’s still not going to beat a fixed blade for rigidity/strength. I’m curious: what made the Spartan YOUR EDC and do you experience any of the issues I did?

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