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Kelly Cogan

Kelly, please contact us to schedule shipment of your prize. Thanks to everyone else for entering!

Sponsored by our friend and author JD Clarke, here’s your chance to win a FREE Black Ops Wallet and a Bear Grylls Survial Tool Pack by Gerber. Check out pics of the goodies both above and below. That’s over $110 worth of stuff sent to you the price of leaving a simple comment!

To enter simply go to the Black Ops Wallet Page HERE, and leave a comment about what creative way you’d use this survival pack in a zombie plague. We’ll pick a winner from all the comments, and if want a better chance of winning like and share the giveaway post on our facebook, or favorite and retweet on twitter.

Somebody’s going to win this prize. Why not you? But hurry, because this contest ends at 5pm pacific standard time on Friday, February 21, 2014. We’ll announce the winner right here by noon on the next day. Enter HERE.

Here’s more details on this killer prize pack:

The Black Ops Wallet comes with three aluminum plates (front, back, and middle plate) and an extra set of retention rings. Two standard small rings, two standard large rings, and one set of heavy duty rings. It’s available in black, red, and blue, And the best part is that it blocks RFID signals, meaning no one can steal your credit card information with a scanner.

The Bear Grylls Tool Pack is a multi-purpose tool chest for every survivalist. It’s got just about every tool you might need in a survival situation, including a multi tool, fire starter, and flashlight. Each tool is outfitted with durable rubber handles for easy gripping, even with gloves on.


  1. Tyler Scott Powell

    Did she ever claim this prize? If not, DIBBS!

  2. Gerber is one of the best you can get for multi-tool.

  3. As a survivor of two previous Zed outbreaks (Mexico City, 2003 and Victoria, B.C. 2007) I can tell you those tools are very useful. The first thing I remember that happened in in the first outbreak was rounding up of the possibly infected people. It was hell. There was shoving and screaming, everything stank, and the look of fear in people haunts me to this day. The military was using handheld scanners of some type on us to determine identity – and if we worked at gov’t test labs (I did). We didn’t know at the time, but that is where the first outbreaks were. So we started wrapping credit cards and id’s in tinfoil to protect our identities. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t and they just started shooting. It would have been nice to have a card protector like the one above. I got out of there and moved to Canada where I thought I would be safe. The second outbreak was as much of a surprise. I was heading home and got the news that another breakout had occurred in the city. The crawling horror of another Zed outbreak caught me like a sucker punch from a prizefighter. With no supplies, I turned my car around and headed towards the deepest woods to wait the devastation out. I had to ditch the car after it ran out of gas and spend a long cold weekend wandering and scrounging until I found an abandoned cabin and spent six weeks living primitively, and waiting, just waiting. I had to improvise the crudest of tools to survive and I often wished I had even a simple survival kit. I remember beating a can of beans against a rock and crying because I didn’t even have a can opener. The BG survival kit would have made a miserable experience into a merely uncomfortable one. So keep alert folks, we are due for another outbreak, and soon.

  4. I would disassemble the wallet and sharpen the ends of the face plates into blades. I would then affix the blades with the rubber rings end to end onto the Bear Grylls Multi-tool to make a chopping weapon. This would also serve as a shortened makeshift hatchet for bugging out in the wilderness to avoid the undead hordes.

  5. I would put my German ID-Card inthis wallet so the goverment cant find me using the rfid-chip in my pass to force me inject the “antivirus” which is propably the real agrresive zombievirus, so i cut trough the fence of theyr science-station using my gerber-tool and sneak in (still unseen, thanx Black-Ops Wallet) to find the room where they store theyr chemicals, light it with the firestarter and BOOM – Zombieapocalypse prevented – humanity saved – flashlight battery life still 100%.

  6. Personally I would use the kit for every imaginable scenario I could think of. Build or repair weapons, traps, armor, hot wire a vehicle, kill small bugs, pull a tooth, pull bullets out of myself or someone if still conscious or alive, fire for warmth or for light source, use it to cook food or open cans, kill small rodents for food, break windows, and whatever other crazy stuff that may happen in a zombie apocalypse.

  7. the Bear grylls tool pack is awesome and would be handy for sharpening stick as emergence zombie pokers, along with general survival. the Black ops wallet could be used to store maps and bio-hazard passes if the army gets organised.

    love the ZRC always good and insightful post 🙂

  8. Get
    one and stay ID & Money Secure!

  9. Bear grylls tool pack is awesome would love to have one!!!

  10. its alway a good ideal to have the best tools for any emergency this pack comes from years of experience and training the best way i have found is to become familiar with the tools use them as often as you can so when you need them its second nature

    p.s Z.R.S thank you for the years of know how and taking the time to research and help us all.
    i may not when but i will scavenge for those tools

  11. I would start by knocking down the zombie and then once on top of the zed. I would then use the fire starter to start the hole in the zombies head. Then move onto the multi tool. I would then make the hole big enough to make the flashlight fit in it. I would then stick the flashlight into the hole stand up and stomp the light into the zeds brain. The only crappy thing is you lose the flashlight. You could also make a trap with the multi tool. Then use the flashlight to lure the zed and then use the fire starter to set the zed on fire.

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