If you’re like me, you hope they never stop making zombie movies.  I love the classics, the new innovations, the comedies, and the cover-your-eyes scary stuff.  Zombies speak to our most basic fears, making them extremely versatile on film (see: Why Are Zombies So Damn Scary).  Pick any big issue – class warfare, racial inequality, man’s reckless abuse of the planet – and zombies have probably been used to personify the problem.

My nagging concern is that the same can’t be said for zombie movie titles.  Many zombie  titles are derivative and uninspired, and without great titles to spark the Zombie Titlepublic’s interest, zombies may fade back into the shadows of cinema where they came from.  Next thing you know the dead  rise, and civilization is destroyed because zombie preparedness hasn’t saturated popular culture enough.  These are the things that keep me up at night.

So my question is this (in two parts):

1) What are some of the best zombie titles you’ve ever heard?

2) What great unused zombie titles would be perfect for future projects?

Night of the Living Dead was a grand slam title, no doubt.  But if you then add the rest of Romero’s zombie flicks – Dawn, Day, Land, Diary – and also include the Return of the Living Dead series, a big chunk of important zombie cinema has been covered with essentially the same title reworked over and over again.  I would think if our collective lives depended on it – and the might just – that we as a society could come up with new and compelling titles moving forward.

Who knows.  Maybe together we can save the human race from zombies, one great title at a time…


  1. I love zombies!! They should make a zombie movie about a hot zombie named frilly thatlikes guy named carl boob!! Lol!

  2. Okay ya’ll Ima teen ok a hardcore zombie loving gurl teenager. So I want to direct a movie and I wanted to know if “Infection” was good/already taken…Or maybe something like “Becoming” “The Unknown” “Sick” or “Infectious” I have the movie already planned out It just like anyother movie except I made it. It’s like full of teens and stuff not really adults and I seriously am stuck I REALLY NEED HELP!!!! Here are some other names I thought of: “Parasite” “The sick” umm

  3. zombie strippers!!!

  4. lol How about a nice comedy called “Dude where’s my brain?”

  5. doghouse, not a classical zombie movie but it’s a movie about a disease turning woman into feminist cannibalistic predators which move zombielike…

    I think it’s a great movie 🙂

  6. Names like “Boy Eats Girl” or “Dead Dudes in the House” are funny and probably descriptive of what the movie is all about!

    I love Zombieland. Evil Dead is also a favorite title of mine…

    As long as it is not something like (and it does exist!):

    Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Alien, Flesh Eating, Hellbound, Zombified Living Dead Part 2: In Shocking 2-D

    Then it’s fine! 🙂

  7. Personally I have written a short story about zombies titled “War of the Dead.”

    Any Admins who want ot look at a copy should request via e-mail.

  8. My Favourite Zombie movies are:
    ~ Dead Snow… its a german film with subtitles about Nazi Zombies
    ~ I Zombie… it’s a film from the perspective of a man turning into a zombie
    ~ Dawn of the dead… the original one from 1978

  9. I won’t say that these are great titles, but I can say that these are great zombie movies! Definitely add “Fido” and “Redneck Zombies” to the list!

  10. “Fido” is my favourite zombie movie.

  11. Hmmm, I Think ‘BITE ME’ Would Be A Good One. And I LOVE The Sound Of A Zombie Spoof Called ‘Not Another Zombie Movie’ That Joe Said. Made Me Laugh XD

  12. the new movie “owned dead”

  13. Danica Paige Gray

    I think just zombieZ would be a great title [:
    but im on here to find a good one for my film.

    • Oh my gosh! My best buddy and I have been making zombie movies for almost 4 years (we’ve made 12) and they’re called ZombieZ! Or Zombiez. There really aren’t that many good titles to use anymore. I used Zombiez because it was a comedy…

  14. I think the title of my zombie film “Eat Me!” is pretty good! Heh heh.

  15. For a zombie spoof movie “Not Another Zombie Movie”.

  16. I’m waiting for titles like “dead of the dead”. lol “Children of the Dead” would probably be about the offspring of the first survivors of the undead rising. Or perhaps “Dead Days of Summer” (play on “dog days of summer”).

    Or you could always sneak it in with a title that doesn’t even remotely speak of zombies.

    As for the 28 (days/weeks/months) movies….if you go by this sites definition, then no, they aren’t zombies. But historically speaking, the voodoo zombie wasn’t dead either. Though, I’d like to point out that in 28, those infected might actually have the ability to be cured of it.

    I would classify 28 as a zombie movie only because it doesn’t really fit anywhere else. It’s not exactly a “post-apocalypictic mutant eating people” movie (takes a breath lol), but it’s not exactly the accepted (might even venture to say standard) definition of the zombie movie either.

    Them being fast or slow, that doesn’t bother me too much. And we can’t really speak “realistically” about it because if undead zombies are created by a virus/bacteria, that same virus/bacteria may also allow the muscles not to go into rigor mortis. Then again, it may not effect them at all, and they’ll be the slow, shambling corpses I hope they’ll be. As I have no great desire to come upon things like “hunter zombies”.

    • i don’t count 28 days later because they aren’t actually dead. those infected people are still alive and i will have to check but I’m also pretty sure they can be killed much easier. no head shot or decapitation necessary. i also know that they die of starvation, something previously stated on this site to most likely be irrelevant as zombies have an undying hunger and don’t actually seek nourishment. in fact zombies don’t really feed in my opinion they just bite, and infect.

      • Why is it that some zombies just bite, and others take a main character that annoyed everyone else and tear him/her up and stuff? In the same movie?

  17. well said, Dan.

  18. I don’t care what other people say but “Tokyo Zombie” Is one of my favorites. It’s got that “Shaun of the Dead” feel to it, but it shows you what can happen in the future of zombies to come.

  19. A title I can think that is original and cool is RetarDEAD and Dying to Live is a great book title.
    some Titles I thought up are The Dead and Forgotten, Dead Wrong, Forsaken, and Red Veins. I personally enjoy having Dead in every name.

  20. I’m not so certain that a killer zombie title exists that hasn’t been made or used already. It’s true that a healthy percentage of the names are derivative of Romero’s original (including the stellar Shaun of the Dead), but it’s a formula that seems to work much better than absolutely esoteric zombie movie names (such as Fido, Colin, Pontypool, GP506, etc). The problem with the esoteric names is that they don’t inform the audience what they’re about and simultaneously manage to turn off viewers who didn’t want to see a zombie movie and get overlooked by a lot of viewers who would. There’s a pool of great titles out there which sound like zombie movies but have already been taken (Quarantine, The Walking Dead, Contagion, Zombieland, Dead Rising) and another pool of movie names that have developed brand recognition as zombie movies (28 … Later, Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, etc). It’s entirely possible that someone out there is coming up with the next big zombie name right now, and I grant them all proper respect. But I feel it’s much more likely that we’ll see a lot more retreads, derivatives, and brand names than singularly unique and simultaneously informative movie titles (Deadgirl, anyone?).

    • 28 day later Dan? really? you are just asking for trouble putting that up here.

      • Sorry to walk a different path from the Romero herd, but those are zombie movies. Every genre monster is rewritten with every artist, the zombie is no different. Anne Rice and Charlaine Harris and Stephanie Meyer and Ben Templesmith and Bram Stoker all wrote vampire books, but every iteration is different to the author. Why then are we expected to bow down to the Romero zombie as a sole accepted version when even he plays fast and loose with his own rules? Eating brains and a plague born of zombie bites don’t come from Romero but everyone seems to like them, why is it so different if Danny Boyle has zombies with a few lingering life signs or Zack Snyder has them running after prey? There were zombies before Romero, and lots of them (excuse me, almost ALL of them) were still living, and Romero himself has had numerous fast-moving zombies. Trying to lock out movies from the zombie genre when they’re already accepted as zombie movies makes as much sense as some old curmudgeon moaning about rap or hiphop or techno not being music. It’s okay to dislike somebody’s interpretation of a zombie, but it’s folly to try to pretend they don’t have the right to call it a zombie.

        So no, I’m not asking for trouble, but I will defend the right for those movies to be called zombie movies. Artistic freedom is a good thing, after all think where we’d be if someone had stopped Romero from making a zombie movie with dead corpses and no voodoo to be found in it?

      • I agree with the argument that it is close enough, but the only thing they really have in common with zombies is that they eat flesh. I am not a Romaro purest I just like my zombies to be dead. Thats all. But You cant argue the the sequel 28 weeks later was worth a damn. That movie was just full of crap.

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