New app incorporates your skills to help you fight the impending zombie apocalypse!

Limbic Thinking LLC will be running a Kickstarter campaign throughout September and October to help create their new mobile app Zprep. Zprep is a role playing game for your mobile device that assists you in being the best you can be for the imminent zombie apocalypse.

They are currently looking for people to help back their campaign. And funds raised will help make the RPG (Role playing game) style game using the premises of a zombie apocalypse to motivate players. Zprep differentiates itself by allowing users to become part of the game utilizing a player’s real life skills into the game environment. The player’s real world skills and talent are then used to allocate a specific role within the game and required to complete missions using their specific talents.

Founding creator Matthew Mercer explained that the idea for the app first started when a group of friends decided to loose weight and become more self sufficient. To help people understand how the app will work, Limbic Thinking have enlisted the help of the most bad ass prepper known to man, Mean Nana. This 85 year old prepper goes where no prepper dares and kicks some serious zombie ass doing so! Supporters will be able to tune in weekly to watch episodes on the official Limbic Thinking YouTube channel.

Limbic Thinking LLC is a start up company that aims to promote positive behavioral growth through entertainment and technology. ZPREP is the first app Limbic Thinking has pitched to the internet community.

Visit their Kickstarter campaign for more information on the app, and to start viewing the Mean Nana web series online at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1968238419/zprep

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  1. Frank Daniel Blandori

    I had an idea on how to maybe stop a ZONMIE from biting anyone, they have to use there mouths right to infect someone right ?? well how about we carry a spray container like that silly jell but it turns into a glue or a cement type harden spray, we shoot it into there face our better yet the mouth and this will stop them or kill them ?maybe it can stop them long enought so we can cut the heads off them or do what ever it we we need to do. and if this works the goverment or a band of us can get coppers in the ais and spray a area that is infected with them and try to delay or destroy them, kinda like we did in vietnam with agent orange as iam also a vietnam veteran who is 66 years old and dont trust the us govement what so ever and in these last 5 years i have lost even more faith.

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