RUN FOR YOUR LIFE by Lucy Knisley

Check out this nifty illustration by New York artist, musician, and author Lucy Knisley. If only one human in this scene were to make it out alive, who do you think it would be?

Lucy Knisley


  1. Obvious horny toad

    The lady in the apartment has the best defensive position. Has anyone ever seen Soylent Green. Stared Charlton Heston. He got the babe too. So maybe I’m in the apartment with the babe boarding up and we gonna do like an Alaska winter 🙂

  2. My money’s on the kid hiding under the car. The zombies see everyone else, only the kid is below their radar. The best person to be when there’s zombies afoot is the person the zombies don’t notice. If he can just sit there, quietly, until the current horde is dead, he can take off before the next wave hits. I mean, maybe a fallen zombie sees him, but even in that unlikely event, that zombie will likely get shot in the head by one of the nearby people before it can get to him or before any other zombies notice its interest.

  3. I realized I didn’t actually give an answer, so I’m going to say the- the dude hiding inside his well-stocked apartement with a greenhouse and everything in the basement. He’s hiding and not seeable. So there.

  4. if there is a dude inside the tank my money would be on him unless there’s a zombie in there !
    otherwise hatchet wielding dude on top of the car 🙂

  5. Pretty sure it’s the guy hiding under the car. Zombies have poor motor skills and aren’t too bright.

  6. It just depends on if we are talking long or short term. Short term you go with the guy in the tank for obvious reasons.

    Long term I think there are three options. The most obvious being the man in the white shirt with the baseball bat. He is clearly letting the more scared people attract zombies around the street making it so he can travel as safely as you can in the middle of a city during the ZA. That kind of calmness and knowledge will go a long way to keeping him alive at least from a zombie standpoint.

    The next target is the man standing on the roof of a car with the hatchet. This man is smart defensively. Like the other man he is calm and not drawing attention to himself, but he isn’t trying to move out of the area which is a concern. His position is just about perfect if there was a group that has noticed him since they would have to climb up after him. He would be able to deliver blows to the top of the skull with before they would even be close to climbing up after him. He should be using the distractions of everyone else around him though at this particular time so I will place him right behind white shirt/baseball man even though I do respect his defensive strategy.

    The hands down winning though goes to blue shirt/baseball bat man leading a group out of the picture at the bottom. You can notice that three zombies have taken notice and are shambling after them, but this one man still wins ans here is why. First off he has a weapon and he is being calm like the other two men previously mentioned. But he is also showing that he has leadership skills which are of huge value during the ZA. Now not all of those people are going to make it, but one or two of them will. Why? Because the last guy in the group has been bitten as you can see in the picture and he will eventually be over taken by the following zombies and allow the group to escape. The man obviously has the calmness and smarts to survive the zombies, but he also has the leadership skills to allow him to form a group to protect him against the people who in my opinion are just as big of a threat during the ZA.

  7. Chuck Noris would survive. He’s in the picture. You just can’t see him because that’s the way he likes it.

  8. I’m guessing whoever took the photo. Clearly they’re in an elevated position, and if they’ve got time to take photos then they’re clearly not being bothered by zombies right now. Sure they’ll run out of food/water at some point, but the question is who will survive this scenario, not who’ll survive until they die of old age. (Roughly translated to “I haven’t got a clue, that was just the most humorous answer I could come up with at 3:30 in the morning”)

  9. The guy playing dead in the water lol

  10. I’d say it’s the guy in the realistic dog suit. Only his arm is showing through his fake mouth.

  11. i think, grandma is gonna survive….

  12. Or…… the group at the front, they look like a determined bunch and there armed and leaving the scene.

  13. The old lady in the back, shes making a quick get away and she has a walking stick for poking zombies away :p

  14. Lol I too was thinking the ones in the tank, but that only works if the tank works too. Otherwise it’s just as good as a really heavy closet door. Mobility is very important to survival. The guy with the bat, wearing a white shirt at the center of the picture, seems like a good choice due to not stupidly getting trapped somewhere, all though I’m a bit troubled by the fact that not a single zombie seems to care about him. Nor does he care about the ones closest to him. He seems to be too focused on a single task to even notice he is headed right past a fire with a tipped over gas can by it. I feel his lack of observation will get him killed, provided he isn’t already infected and that is why the other zombies don’t care about him. So what about the woman boarding up the window? Well I noticed she was too late to board up the first floor, and then I realized that it wasn’t the only thing she was too late with. She may be holding a hammer but her posture and her skin tone tell me she has already turned. I wasn’t sure at first, thinking her skin tone might just be due to the glass, but after looking at the woman being attacked in the restaurant I knew the glass would change the color of her skin that much. All the people on the marquee and the restaurant sign will starve, the guy on the roof with the gun is too in shock to notice his friend being attacked nevermind the zombie behind him. The person hiding under the green car will be spotted by the crawling zombie behind him eventually, the granny won’t be able to our run the zombie chasing her forever, the guy about to kill a zombie with a bat looks like he is already been bitten, the woman on the truck has already decided to take her own life with pills, four or five people are already being eaten by zombies, two or three have already been grabbed and are about to be eaten, the guy in the truck is either in shock or dead, the person hiding behind the buffet counter might be dead already but is definatly not going anywhere with the two zombies at the front of the store, the guy infront of the theater is trying to plan his escape but not seeing the zombie right next to him, the guy in the black shirt following the group looks like he might be sick and is not paying attention to the zombies following him, the guy on the car with an axe might have an advantage if the zombies lack the motor skills to climb the car too, but eventually he will get tired of swinging such a heavy weapon. That leaves me with the rest of the group leaving the town. The blond looks mad at the zombies chasing them. I’m not sure if that emotion is a good thing, as he also seems un-armed and in no hurry to alert the others in the group about them. He might give in to his emotions and due something stupid like he can take out the crippled zombie woman and the fat zombie, due to how slow they are, by himself but not realize there is nothing wrong with the third zombies speed. The man leading the group does not seem to notice what is going on at the back of the group but seems to be rolling his eyes and talking. His expression along with the way he holds the piece of wood he thinks it a good weapon makes me think he is arrogant and would lead the group into danger. Finally our last person is a woman holding a crowbar. A decent weapon, although slightly heavy, is also a multi-tasker. Her expression shows that she is aware of things going on behind her and that she is worried enough not to do something stupid. The only thing that troubles me about her is her choice to follow the guy ahead of her. Granted, a small group to help you survive is a good thing provided it stays small, but I think she would be better off on her own. So who survives? The guy who saw the signs ahead of time and locked himself in the well stocked bomb shelter hidden under the theater.

  15. Whoever said the people in the tank… Wow.
    My moneys on whoever can get out of the way of that tank the fastest, because your armoured machine of destruction aint gonna be worth a stick when it runs out of gas and ammunition, or gets a zombie stuck between the treads…good luck, people sealed inside that.

  16. The one you can’t see.

  17. D’oh. The ones in the tank.

  18. My money is on the person in the tank (far right corner). Not only is this person safe in a locked, armored vehicle, but the person’s name who illustrated this picture is on the tank when the mouse scrolls over it. This is my guess, I had come up with this answer before I knew about the tagged name. Besides, that IS the best way to protect yourself from zombies in rural areas. A tank can also protect you from marauders, topple obstacles, and can maneuver in tough terrain.

    • The name comes up over the whole image, it’s a source citation. There’s no evidence that there’s actually anyone in the tank.

  19. my money is on the dude with the hatchet…

  20. At first I thought the guy in the white shirt holding a back (center picture) would make it out alive. Most of the zombies seem to be so preoccupied with eating other people that he might be able to slip past them un-noticed. He’s also travelling light, and alone. Could be an advantage.
    Then I saw the blonde on the second floor of the cinema. She’s hard at work barricading the windows (which I guess is a bit extraneous, seeing as she’s on the second floor),but if she’s smart, she may have already blocked the staircase. But then again… she’s blonde… so maybe not so smart.
    You know what… I’m gonna go with the guy in the white shirt. He seems to have sort of a ‘can-do’ attitude.Also, travelling light and alone.

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