One great thing about this whole zombie craze is that it provides a lot of artists the opportunity to work on some very exciting projects. Graphic designers, authors and filmmakers; they’re all out there contributing to the genre in really creative ways. And perhaps no website has helped them more than Kickstarter.

The popular crowd funding website features a number of zombie-themed comic books, novels and films in need of funding and looking for your help! Occasionally we’d like to feature some of these amazing up-and-coming projects here at the Zombie Research Society… and today we have Super Zero; a post-apocalyptic zombie film from writer/director Mitch Cohen.

The film follows 19-year-old engineering prodigy Josh Hershberg, an overweight, introverted and terminally ill kid who has given up hope that he matters to the world. As Josh contemplates what future, if any, is worth looking forward to, a zombie apocalypse breaks out and quickly ravages the planet.

This was my goal: to write an entertaining, larger than life tale, but keep it grounded with a compelling, character driven narrative. If I could do that, then I was confident this could be a special project that people could get behind and champion.

We’ve embedded the full pitch video below, so take a quick look for more details! And if Super Zero is something that you’re interested in supporting, just visit the official project page over at Kickstarter for even more information including all the particulars and pledge rewards. But hurry, there’s less than a month left to fund this zombie film!

I’m proud to have personally helped fund a number of deserving projects via both Kickstarter and Indiegogo. So if you’ve got a zombie-themed project that you’d like to share, please feel free to contact me anytime… and maybe we’ll even feature it here!

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