A world full of little zombie kids is the scariest doomsday scenario for me (see: Zombie Children, Run For Your Lives), but a close second might be having children in my survival group who are ill prepared to face the life-and-death challenges ahead.  Thankfully, Apocalypse Kat serves up some useful tips on how to get the little ones Ready For Zombiesready for a zombie attack in episode 149 of the Midnight Podcast.

Most importantly, Kat suggests including them in important activities – food gathering, building defenses, etc. – and also clearly explaining what is happening, or might happen in the near future.  This is no time to sugarcoat the truth.  It’s not Santa coming down the chimney anymore, it’s a blood thirsty zombie, intruder bent on stealing all our stuff, or worse.

“Explain things to them in simple terms.  Not baby talk, but no big words either.  When possible use movies and cartoons, like Shaun of the Dead or the SpongeBob episode where everyone left town.”

Kat closes with an improtant tip about how to feed the tiny troops.  Children are notoriously picky eaters, and when they’re tired and hungry, a tantrum is likely just around the corner.  Screaming kids are annoying at any time, but in a zombie outbreak they can be deadly.  Keep the kids in your care fed well and rested as much as possible.  It may seem like an unwelcome pain to adjust schedules and supplies for the smallest few of your group, but it really could be a lifesaver.

To hear Kat’s full segment, and to listen to all the other great stuff included in episode 149 of the Midnight Podcat, click HERE.


  1. honey, show these nice people your skills on the z-bot *hands kid a gun and starts up a shambling manniquin-thing*

  2. same i got my first when i was 10 still have it and it holds 15

  3. Haha, yeah I fired my first .22 Rimfire when I was 10.

  4. Nice gun-toting kid pic. Reminds me that we should have gotten pics of Kat at the range this summer. She loves her .22 rifle but got to play, err, practice with mom’s 9mm too. She’s hoping she’ll be able to fire the 20 gauge shotgun next summer, but we’ll see.

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