ZRS contributor Sven Carlisle wanted to know if electrically charged weapons, such as stun guns, might be useful when fighting zombies.

Carlisle notes that an electric current of sufficient magnitude can override the living body’s muscle control, leading to fatal lung and heart paralysis. But because it’s generally believed that a zombie doesn’t need a working heart or lungs to continue functioning, this finding does little to answer the question.

However, deadly high voltage will often destroy all the internal tissues through which it passes, and in some cases shatter bones. And as Carlisle points out, that may be the least of the zombie’s problems:

“Touching a high powered utility line will likely result in a fairly gruesome wound at the point of entrance (the hand), but a devastating wound, or even an amputation, at the exit point (the foot).”

Furthermore, the damage done to a living person is essentially the same to that done to a corpse. And high voltage exposure can also burn off the hair, and cause the eyes, torso or limbs to simply burst, leaving an armless, legless, blind, and blackened zombie with which to contend.

We like those odds.

So the next time you update your zombie survival plan, you might want to consider how electricity can be an important weapon in your corner. According to Carlisle, high voltage fences, tasers, stun batons, and exposed live wires are all potentially deadly against the undead.


  1. Hi I am 12 years old I’m trying to convince people a zombie apocalypse is a possibility I think all your ideas are great! Do you have any tips on how to make a bug out bag if so please respond to me with them thanks and your awesome

    • Thanks for the kind words! To find all kinds of information on bug out bags, type “bug out bag” in the Search field at the top of the screen on the right side.

      • Thank you so much this is a real help! I have some first aid and survival tools ordered online and they should arrive soon thanks again for your advice! 🙂

  2. Quenton Netherton

    Could a strong electrical charge to the head fry the brain. After all, the Zombie Virus target is mainly the brain, and we all known that electricity can cause serious damage to the brain. That is proven by electric chair executions. We have to think more about things that could kill Zombies.

  3. Electricity could be a weapon but I believe it wouldn’t be a solution. My opinion is that given enough amperage you could do catastrophic damage against one zombie, but every body you add to that trap will lessen the effect since it would create more resistance to the electrical current.
    Individually you could cause massive amounts of injuries but you might only stun a hoard.
    A better bet is to use fire in a controlled enviroment.

  4. Will anything I learned from playing Dead Island help? xD

  5. well if you can obtain the power needed, you could-give yourself a pretty nasty trap for a zombie hoard. The main problem I keep coming up with in thinking up a good hoard trap is well, the hoard itself, with thousands of body’s moving to you, the first wave may fill up the trap as the next 7 waves come in. Electricity could solve some of that, though it would take a ton of planning, and a ton of manpower, but not as much time to set up, and one could set up a few wide kill-zones that sends wave of electricity out, possible devastating a zombie hoard. Hover Damn can be the salvation for humanity from the undead.

  6. If the question is merely “Is it effective?”, the answer is clearly, “Yes, but not as effective as against a human being.” That almost goes without saying. However, the issue of practicality needs to be considered. How easy is it to have access to, much less make useful as a weapon, such amounts of electricity? Couldn’t such resources be better used, such as to power surveillance equipment and other defenses. Is it even possible to make such lethal levels of electricity portable? Thank you, but I’ll stick to the shotgun with slugs and baseball bat. Low tech is our friend.

  7. well if the wunderwaffle taught us anything, its that high voltage is very effective!

  8. The problem is, of course, getting the energy to power the fence. Grid is down most likely, and do you really want to use a generator with its noise?

    • There are many different ways of producing enough electricity to power an electrical fence. Solar panels, wind and water turbines, even you on a bike can produce electricity if you know how

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