Free Comic Book Day is coming up fast, and I know that many of you zombie fans will be visiting your local comic book stores this Saturday looking for freebies. But in addition to the exclusive giveaways, including a very special issue of The Walking Dead, there are many other monthly titles worth checking out! Here is a brief list of the zombie-themed comics that I’ve been reading lately:

The Colonized – Aliens, zombies and a well-armed, but small, “sustainable community” on the fringe of society mix it up in this all-new miniseries from IDW Publishing.


’68 Jungle Jim – The latest tale of zombies in Vietnam follows a US soldier in Laos as he fights the undead, Viet Cong and tigers (Oh, my!) From Image Comics.


Night Of The Living Dead: Aftermath – The serialized nature of this series makes it extremely easy to pick up and follow along at any time. Grab the latest issue and check it out! Direct from Avatar Press.


Lot 13 – A terrifying new horror series from zombie regular Steve Niles, creator of “Remains” & “28 Days Later: The Aftermath.” From DC Comics.


Fanboys Vs. Zombies – Simultaneously launched and originally set during Comic-Con 2012, this series is a little further along than the rest. But the inside jokes and reverence for the zombie genre make it a fun read! From BOOM! Studios.

Now, this is nowhere near a complete list of the zombie titles available at your local comic book shop; just what I’ve been reading personally. So if you have a great suggestion or zombie comic to recommend, I’d love to hear about it! Please feel free to leave a comment below or send a review copy to me personally at Zombiethon@yahoo.com or online at Twitter via @ZombieThon1.

And be sure to get out there this Saturday to support your local comic book store during Free Comic Book Day! They need your help to keep up-and-coming zombie writers and artists in business. In fact, I’d like to give a shout-out to my guys at Amazing Fantasy in San Francisco; thanks for everything Frank!


  1. When, exactly, is free comic book day? I’m kinda excited already but knowing when to be most excited would help.

    • “Free Comic Book Day” is this Saturday, May 4th. You can click on any of the “Free Comic Book Day” links in the story to visit the official website for more information.

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