In her study of alternative food sources in urban apocalyptic environments, ZRS Researcher, Janet Pittman, suggests that the arrival of zombies will give rise to a host of new staple proteins in the human food supply.

What struck me most were the numbers Pittman included in her findings:

RATS: Columbia University estimates that there were 175 million rats in the United States in 2002, most of which lived in cities.  That number continues to rapidly rise.

CATS: In 2004 National Geographic estimated that there were more than 75 million feral cats nationwide.  Today, for every human born in the United States there are 45 cats born.  An estimated 4.1 million human births each year equates to more than 184 million new cats.

When civilization breaks down, the convenience of the corner burger joint and well-stocked supermarket will quickly become a thing of the past.  Will ratdogs, and kitty pot pie be the new quintessential American foods?  Pittman suggests that when the dead rise, sooner of later the only other alternative will be to eat each other.



  1. Specops Samurai

    For one cat is really stringy, but does however taste a little like chicken. That is why the joke about chinese food. You need to carry a snare of some type for the cat, and rattraps for the rat of course. the snare is simple enough just need a strong string or thin wire. which you can easily get from a sporting goods store. Now when you cook them and always cook the you’ll need to make sure to burn them in the outbreak you never know if they are carrying or not and high heat kills 99% of deadly viruses.

  2. I reckon you would have plenty of time to work out a renewable food source if you were one of the last survivors. Considering the fact if you can manage to break into even one shop or supermarket there would be enough food (At least tinned food) to last you a while.

    • Any shops, stores, or supermarkets will be mostly empty after the initial panic. Just look at what happens in cities that are expecting a large storm, people clean out supermarkets of non-perishable foods, water, batteries, flashlights and other gear.

  3. my idea on sustainable food is find a largish rodent species (rabbits, beavers, big rats, etc,) and breed a heap of them pre apocolypse, they require little maintanence, they breed quickly, they have a decent supply of meat, and they can be bred and stored with much higher numbers in a smaller space, would you rather breed cattle or sheep or something on a large farm out in the open which would supply about the same but for a shorter period, or would you have a smaller, low maintanence food source you can breed indoors in much larger numbers?

  4. mmmmmmmmm, rat brains, *licks lips* they are great as an appetizer. *rubs tummy* followed by some cat intestines *starts to get excited and chews on hand* nkjnkasfhdakhfdkfj

  5. There will be dogs as well.

    • Yeah but dogs are useful unlike cats, they can guard and protect you and will starve with you while a cat will still expect you to feed it.

  6. eating mice, cats, rats, and lizards is ok but how are you gonna find enough of them

  7. Depends on whether the zeds eat animals as well as humans, although cats and rodents would probably be quite successful at evading the living dead.

  8. Be careful with cat liver, or that of any other carnivore. Not only will it taste of uric acid, but too much could lead to vitamin A poisoning.

    I do enjoy a well made cat-and-mouse stew. Not only is it delicious, it’s somewhat poetic, too.

    • Bill, you want to eat Tom and Jerry! Though, I’m sure it’s better than Sylvester and Tweety. lol

      • If I’m hungry enough, I’ll eat Bambi and Bugs Bunny! Heck, even Elmer Fudd should be nervous if he hears my stomach growling. 😀

  9. I love me some kitty pot pie.

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