Tentsile Ltd. provides suspended accommodation for above-ground use in any environment, including extreme disaster situations. They come in varying sizes big enough for one to eight people to shelter within. Here’s a link to the Tentsile website.

What do you think if this as a portable option for safe zombie shelter?


  1. That is a very impressive tent option. I would love to use one while camping. I would feel far more comfortable with my daughter high off the ground in a tent like this. In a zombie survival situation, as i have always believed, cornering yourself with no way to escape is either a fast, gorey death by teeth. Or a slow agonizing death by starvation. If you were to get a way to climb the tree and maybe use a plank system to move from tree to tree…now that is another story completely. A swiss family robinson type tree house could kick serious ass. However your day would cosist of constant zombie killing. You could not afford to allow them to grow into a herd. You would have to kill them as they arrived, one by one make your shelter a death trap for them.

  2. It really depends on the overall weight, it was probably was listed on their site but I was too lazy to track it down. If it was light enough it might be worth throwing in your pack. Of coarse there is the common issue of waking up to a horde of zombies waiting under your tree but that sure beats waking up to them chewing on you. Its no good for long term but I could see as a good addition to a walk-about kit or bug-out-bag, at least for those of us with families. For the solo you’d probably be better of with a hammock.

  3. I think this can be a good idea and a very very very horrible idea.
    Why this is a very very very horrible idea:
    If we know anything about the make believe zombie. One key thing is that they tend to linger around places. Therefore, if they know a food source is just above them or around them and they can’t quite get to it. They will linger around. And when one zombie lingers in an area, just like crows, other zombies join in the fun.
    Go to bed sleep for the night and wake up to 5 or 6 zombies below your little shelter. Or maybe it is actually 20 or 30 in a small horde.
    Okay, enough with the bad. How can this be a good idea? Well, with some extra engineering, pully’s and a lot of rope. You can make a “swinging log trap”. Instead of having the log just bash zombies out of the way. You use it also as a weight to pull a large lasso that you setup under your shelter. I’m talking like 30 to 40ft around lasso below your shelter. Trip the line and watch all the zombies get scooped away (or knocked over). Either case they are cleared for your area. Then you just have to do work.

    Overall, I think the way of making this shelter idea a good idea is far too much work for one man. And really there are better options out there. The shelters in the picture require multiple trees or anchor points to setup. Whereas if you went with a big wall rock climbing shelter, the portaledge. This would allow you to even setup shelter in the forest areas and additionally in the urban jungle. Most people don’t know this but, a lot of high rise buildings have anchor points built in for the window washers to hook into. using multiple of these anchor points you could make yourself a pretty good anchor for your portaledge. You’d also be high up and have extra escape options via windows to get down and or out. (But, if you look at that as a real option you will also need additional harnesses and a way to secure yourself while you sleep.

    Hunt on Zombie Hunters … Hunt on.

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