How much violence is too much for TV in Norway? Apparently this commercial that features zombies being attacked by everyday citizens crosses the line. The advertisement for Scandinavian sporting goods chain XXL caused uproar when it aired on Norwegian television recently.

Keep in mind, this is the same country that brought us the 2009 gore-filled romp Dead Snow, which featured survivors hanging off the edge of a cliff by the dangling intestines of a Nazi zombie storm trooper.

What do you think. Is it too much for TV, or do the Norwegians need some real problems to get upset about?


  1. When the dead rise and start feeding on the living, there will no doubt, be some group of moron do gooders that will start railing on about the “rights of the dead”. My guess is that group will be based in Norway. LOL!!

  2. I find it very interesting. Its more so metaphorical than literal zombie killing. if you become a slave to just sitting around and doing nothing you become a “zombie” and all the sportsman and athletic and active types are there to fight against the zombiefication. Its basically PSA to go out and do shit and become an active and healthy person. They just did it in an awesome way.

  3. Hilarious and awesome! Norway must have some super-strict TV rules, for that to get banned.

  4. That was awesome! How did that cause an uproar?!? They’re zombies! It’s okay to kill zombies, Norway…really, it is.

  5. Seriously? Am I missing something? I find this mildly amusing and not disturbing in the least. (Maybe _The Walking Dead_ has made me desensitized to human-on-zombie violence?)

  6. wow if there were commercials like this in the U.S. maybe I would actually pay attention to them! great commercial

  7. That is a great commercial lol

  8. norway needs a backbone *hehehe*

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